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Your Academic Plan

Your path,
your plan.

Create a roadmap through college.

Here is a breakdown of what advising will cover. Each goal and date is determined by your goals. Want to graduate in 4 years? Need to go part-time and only take evening or online classes? Let us help. We only succeed when you succeed.

student with roadmap

Become a Phoenix

Ready to begin your college experience? Let's go!

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Meet Your Advisor

Lucky you! Every Phoenix is not only assigned a set of wings but also an Academic Advisor. So check in early and often, because you two share a common goal—your graduation.

Meet with your advisor

Register for Classes

College Scheduler is the most efficient way for you to optimize your semester’s schedule and maximize credit hours. College Scheduler generates a variety of daily schedules to fit your needs based on criteria you input, such as campus location, desired courses, and work breaks.

Register for classes now

Declaration of Major

Sometimes choosing a major is tough, but your advisor is here to help you explore your options. Meet with your advisor to discuss your interests, skills, and values, and create a class schedule that will help you take that next step toward graduation. Want to explore on your own? Check out our Academic Offerings.

Declare your major

Stay on Track

To be successful at UW-Green Bay, we recommend:
  1. Meeting with advisor
  2. Taking 15 credits each semester
  3. Knowing your resources
  4. Using curriculum guides/academic requirements

6 Graduation

Of course graduation comes with its own "to-do" lists. But no worries, you have resources at the ready to ensure everything's buttoned-up as you get ready to graduate.

Explore the benefits of being a lifelong Phoenix