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What is academic suspension?

Suspension occurs if students fail to achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 at the end of a semester on strict probation or if their cumulative grade point average falls below 1.00.

  1. Petition for Suspension Waiver

    • You may petition for another chance to be allowed to return by submitting the suspension petition and explaining what situations/behaviors led to your suspension and what will change should you be readmitted (if you had some sort of medical situation you should also include documentation).
    • You can find the Suspension Petition on our Forms page.
    • Your petition will be reviewed and you will be contacted via UWGB email with a decision.
    • What if my Petition is Denied?
      • If your initial appeal is denied you can appeal to the Academic Actions Committee. Be sure to follow the deadlines for turning in this appeal which should be in your e-mail notification that your initial petition was denied. Questions? Contact Academic Advising.
      • You will submit the same form as you did the first time: But this time in the box on the right side where it says, “Are you appealing a denied petition” you will check yes.
      • When you submit your petition to the Academic Advising office you can also sign up for a time to come before the Academic Actions Committee in person to appeal.
      • Academic Actions Committee decisions are final.
  2. Take a Semester Off

    • This is an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your goals and determine the importance of your education, alter your lifestyle and develop strategies to ensure your success.
    • To return you must reapply online through the Admissions office and write an appeal letter addressing the following:
      • What circumstances led to your unsatisfactory performance and or suspension
      • Why do you feel you will be successful in college at this time?
      • If you are not currently enrolled in school, what have you been doing since last attending?
      • What are your educational and vocational goals?
  3. Take Classes at Another Institution and Then Reapply in the Future

    • This allows you the opportunity to prove that you can be successful.
    • Once you reapply, you will need to submit official transcripts to the Admissions office.

    My petition was approved. Now what does that mean?

    • You need to work hard this semester to get that cumulative GPA back up above the 2.0 mark. You should reduce participation in social and extracurricular activities and rededicate yourself to your studies and coursework. You are strongly encouraged to utilize resources during the semester to help you return to good standing.