When and How Do I Register?

Be sure to register at your assigned enrollment appointment time. Taking the right courses in sequence is very important to graduating on time. Waiting to register runs the risk of those courses closing.

Find your Enrollment Appointment within SIS.

Enrollment appointments are assigned by the number of earned credits a student has. For example, seniors with 84-120 credits register the first few days, juniors with 54-83 register the next, etc.

An enrollment appointment is not an actual meeting with a person, but the date and time you can go on SIS and register.

Expectations when taking an online course

How do I register?

Understanding registration is one of the single most important responsibilities while attending college. Students who can easily navigate the system become very resourceful and get the courses they need. Below are some resources to make your registration much easier.

Schedule Planning Grid Worksheet

SIS Video Demonstrations