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You're in control of your schedule, classes, professors, career path and future. That can be a lot to sort through, but luckily, as a UW-Green Bay student you have access to the entire advising team to support you the entire way.

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Get to Know SIS

Our Student Information System (or SIS) will be your main tool through college. It houses all your important information.


Enrollment Appointment

Not going to get far without enrollment. So let's get that box checked. Find your online enrollment appointment.

Plan Your Schedule

The fun part! Are you a morning or night person? Need to work around a student job? We are here to help you create the right schedule helps set the perfect balance.

  1. Schedule Planning Grid Worksheet
  2. College Scheduler
  3. General Education Worksheet
  4. Associate Degree Worksheet
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To see how College Schedule works

Made Easy

Just click your way to an organized day.

College Scheduler is the most efficient way to optimize your semester schedule and maximize credit hours. Just click and plan. It's that easy! College Scheduler generates a variety of daily schedules to fit your needs based on criteria you input, such as campus location, desired courses and work breaks. More information on College Scheduler.

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Our knowledgeable support staff are ready to provide personal assistance with all your advising needs.

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