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Post-Pandemic Resources

Here are available webinars and resources that can be referenced or downloaded during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:


Tips to Cope with COVID-19 Pandemic

UW-Center for Healthy Minds COVID-19 Toolkit

WPR-How to Cope with COVID Anxiety

SAMHSA Toolkit for Veterans

Maintain and Strengthen Your Culture in Times of Disruption

How to Protect Your Well-being at Work During a Crisis

COVID-19: Potential Implications for Individuals with Substance Abuse Disorder

Your Well-Being During Coronavirus- This article has a good number of resources and clickable links on self-care, parenting, and managing anxiety

Working with Childhood Trauma: Tools for Justice Professionals

Tonier Cain International

Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse Considerations During COVID-19

Suicide Prevention Resource Center Resources to Support Mental Health and Coping with COVID-19

Parents and Caregivers Compassion Resilience Toolkit

Assistance for Veterans: Current rules contain some requirements that would prevent, hinder, or delay payments to veterans who have experienced a loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A temporary suspension of these provisions will allow WDVA to take the necessary action to assist and protect the health and welfare of Wisconsin’s veterans and their families

Questioning Alcohol Use as Self Care: The Sober Curious Movement and Being Mindful About Alcohol Consumption

Social Distancing for Social Workers During a Global Pandemic

Why Relational Connection is So Important during a Pandemic

One Page Flyer –Signs of Child Abuse from DCF-please share! 

A Guide to COVID-19 and Early Childhood Development

10 Tips to Prevent Fights With Loved Ones During Quarantine

Guidance for Guardians During COVID-19
If You Grew Up in Trauma, You May Be Feeling Super Triggered Right Now
We Are Doctors Who Study Trauma.  Here’s How to Cope With the COVID-19 Crisis
How Appreciating Basic Goodness Can Help Get Us Through This Pandemic

How to Stop Feeling So Helpless During Quarantine
Zero Suicide COVID-19 Resources


CALM (Counseling on Access of Lethal Means) 2.0 hours.

Locating and Understanding Data for Suicide Prevention 2.0 hours

A Strategic Planning Approach to Suicide Prevention 2.0 to 3.0 hours

Preventing Suicide in Emergency Department Patients 2.0 hours

Adolescent SBIRT Webinar Series

Aces Aware Webinar (Recorded-scroll down to find it) “Taking Care of Our Patients, Our Teams, and Ourselves: Trauma-Informed Practices to Address Stress Related to COVID-19.”  

Free Hazelden Webinar- Trauma: An Essential Component of Women's Services

Virtual Workforce Supports (includes recorded webinar series)

Greater Good Online Institute for Health Professionals

The Role of APS in Elder Abuse Cases: Leveraging Strengths Across Disciplines

Addiction Technology Transfer Center Webinars-Upcoming and Recorded

Videos and Podcasts

Staying Connected During Physical Distancing

Fight the pandemic in 2-minutes

Recorded Webinar: Cultivating Purpose in Uncertain Times

A Children’s Guide to Social Distancing (via ACES Connection)

Badger Talks-Cultivate a Healthy Mind in Challenging Times

Remembering to Breathe (podcast)