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Registering for Courses


at Your School

Registration Step
  • If not already submitted, students must first complete their online applicationRegistration cannot be completed without the student's application.
  • Students will register for available courses at their school after their course starts. A UW-Green Bay representative will be present in their classroom to answer questions and explain the registration process.
  • A Student Registration Form must be completed and submitted for each course the student is taking for credit.
  • ‚ÄčPlease read and carefully follow the instructions below to complete your registration form. 
    • An account will need to be created. This is not the same database as the application.
  • The registration form is the student's commitment to earn college credit and pay the cost of the Tuition to their high school. 

  • Registration Deadline: The UWGB representative, during their classroom visit, will provide the deadline date students must have their registration form submitted.
  • Course Drop Deadline:  The UWGB representative, during their classroom visit, will provide the deadline date if circumstances prevent a student from continuing the course.
    • This date will vary depending upon the length of the course.
    • Students should first talk to their teacher if they are struggling with coursework to determine if they can work out a solution.
    • If dropping the course is best course of action, the student needs to notify their teacher and UWGB CCIHS at about their decision.
    • Student/parent/guardian are still responsible for paying tuition. The student transcript will reflect the dropped course.
CCIHS Course Information
  • CCIHS is a dual or concurrent enrollment program. Students have the option to earn credit for their high school course and college credit at the same time!
  • Students can experience the rigor and requirements of college coursework while learning how to develop skills for college success in the familiarity of their high school environment.
  • High school teachers are approved instructors at UW-Green Bay and teach the same content as if students were taking the course on campus.
  • Students taking a world language for college credit have the ability to earn retroactive credits.
  • Taking a college course through the CCIHS program represents significant savings
  • Tuition for the course is paid to the student's high school as instructed.

A student's registration recognizes them as a UW-Green Bay student!
Once students are registered for a course, they are part of the UW-Green Bay community.

UW-Green Bay Phoenix Emblem
Student I.D.
A UW-Green Bay student I.D. represents a student's ongoing relationship with the university. 
Photo of the Cofrin Library, UW-Green Bay
Cofrin Library
Students have access to the resources available at the Cofrin Library. 
Photo of Student Union, UW-Green Bay
University Union
The University Union is the center of student life on campus, complementing the academic experience. 

Connect with CCIHS
Any questions or concerns, please reach out to