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World Languages

Extra Credit,
No Charge

Earn retroactive credit when taking 202 courses in world languages.

If you successfully complete a 202 level course in French, German or Spanish, you will have demonstrated command of the content for college 101, 102 and 201 level classes and can earn retroactive credit.

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Retroactive Credits

Earn credit for courses you've already taken once after you successfully complete 202 French, German or Spanish.

Grades & Cost

Retroactive course credits do not carry a grade and therefore do not affect your grade point average. You only pay for the 202 level CCIHS course you take with us. You do not pay for any retroactive credits.

How They Work

Complete your CCIHS course and earn a B grade or better to earn 11 retroactive credits. Complete your CCIHS course and earn a B/C or a C grade and receive 5.5 retroactive credits.


Retroactive credits are applied to your transcript upon successful completion of your CCIHS course. Your transcript will show the 3 credits for 202, your grade for the 202 level class and the 11 retroactive credits without a grade. If you earn a BC or C, you will earn 5.5 or half the credits.

Do not order your "official" transcript before July 1st. Your retroactive credits will still need to be applied. If you order a transcript before that date, you are at risk of not having all of your credits on your transcript, and you will be responsible for the cost to resend the transcript.

Earning Retroactive Credits

The credit adds up when you successfully complete a 202 level world languages course.

Complete with a B or Better

Receive 11 retroactive credits.

French 202
  • French 101: 4 credits
  • French 102: 4 credits
  • French 201: 3 credits
German 202
  • German 101: 4 credits
  • German 102: 4 credits
  • German 201: 3 credits
Spanish 202
  • Spanish 101: 4 credits
  • Spanish 102: 4 credits
  • Spanish 201: 3 credits

Complete with a B/C or C

Receive 5.5 retroactive credits.

French 202
  • French 101: 2 credits
  • French 102: 2 credits
  • French 201: 1.5 credits
German 202
  • German 101: 2 credits
  • German 102: 2 credits
  • German 201: 1.5 credits
Spanish 202
  • Spanish 101: 2 credits
  • Spanish 102: 2 credits
  • Spanish 201: 1.5 credits

Tips for Transferring Retroactive Credits

Put in Some Leg Work

  • Explore how credits may transfer by following these steps for student success.
  • Look at your chosen college or university's website for "Transfer Students."
  • If it's not clear, ask! Below is an example of how you might make a request for more information. Keep a record all communications.

“I will complete (language) 202 (which is 4th Semester (language)) through UW-Green Bay and will have (language) 202 on my college transcript. I’ll also have retroactive credits from UW-Green Bay for (language) 101, 102 and 201. How will these credits transfer?”

Your Transcript

World language courses show up on your transcript as tested (T) credits. They are not created.


Keep a copy of the syllabus you received from your teacher and any examples of your work from the course. Some universities may request additional information to evaluate that UW-Green Bay's course is equivalent to theirs. 

Placement Exam

If you plan to continue in the language, you might want to check if a placement exam is necessary or if you can simply be placed in 5th semester of your language.

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