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GB ACCESS provides online access for students, instructors, and notetakers to apply for, request and manage students disability-related accommodations.
Applicants due to Covid-19 restrictions, please scan and upload documentation.  Staff will have limited access to fax and postal mail.  Please request treating professionals to scan and email documentation to

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What is GB ACCESS?

GB ACCESS is a student database system. If you have established an Accommodation Plan with Disability Services, Access will allow you to log in and generate individualized Accommodation Notification Letters each semester. You can choose which approved accommodations you want/need for each course in which you are enrolled, retrieve notes for courses (if applicable), and much more!

Information Privacy on GB ACCESS

Information entered or uploaded to GB ACCESS is available to Disability Services staff only. Entry into GB ACCESS requires use of your UWGB username and password. To ensure privacy and security, do not share your login or password with anyone else. All informational documentation submitted to Disability Services is kept separately from your academic records, and is considered private under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).