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Access for All

Create an inclusive environment where all students can succeed.

Designing courses with accessibility in mind not only benefits students with disabilities, but it also enhances the learning experience for all students, as accessible materials are often easier to understand and navigate. Access our resources to help you make courses more accessible.

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Find out what you need to do to make accommodations for your students, how to incorporate accessibility in your courses. and more.

New Instructors

Making courses more accessible means ensuring that everyone, including individuals with disabilities, can fully participate and learn in the course. Here are some resources that can help you make your courses more accessible.

Access Resources   

Syllabus Examples

Every course syllabus is required to include information about how to request accommodations. See examples of paragraphs to incorporate in your syllabi to meet this requirement.

See Examples   

Accessibility Resources

These guidelines help you provide the basic level of accessibility and ensures that UW-Green Bay remains in compliance.

General Accessibility Resources   

Making Accessible PDFs

People who use assistive technologies, including text-to-speech, need accessible PDFs. You can take steps like running an optical character recognition detection on PDFs made from scanned hard copies, running the accessibility wizard, and running the accessibility checker to correct any issues.

How to Make Accessible PDFs   

Event Planning

Whether you're providing services or host an event, make sure all attendees, including people with disabilities, can fully participate.

Plan Inclusive Events   

Designing Accessible Resources Training

Are you looking for ways to make your materials and documents more accessible? Check out our self-paced Canvas course for Faculty and Staff to learn ways you can do this.

Canvas Course

Lynn Niemi, Student Accessibility Services Director

Want to Know More?

Lynn Niemi and the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) team strive to help students with disabilities reach their full potential by providing academic accommodations and support services.

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