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Assistive Technology

Use Tech to Break Barriers

What is Assistive Technology?

People who learn and think differently can use technology tools to work around challenges. These tools are called assistive technology (AT). AT is any device, software or equipment that helps people with disabilities learn, communicate or function better.

Mobile phone using voice recognitiong app

Types of Assistive Technology

There are many types of assistive technology available, today. Here are just a few.

Computer Accessibility

Your electronic devices—like laptop, phone or tablet—come with built-in accessibility features. Find out how these various settings can make your hardware easier to use.

Computer Accessibility

Reading & E-Text

If you have trouble reading or understanding text materials, these tools that can help. They can make a big difference in your ability to engage with course content.

Reading & E-Text


With a notetaking and personal study tool for online learning, you can independently take notes and record lectures wherever you are.


Lynn Niemi, Student Accessibility Services Director

Want to Know More?

Staff from Student Accessibility Services are available to walk you through the technology maze or to answer questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us. We would love to get feedback and suggestions!

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