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We're committed to doing better.

We strive to be a campus where everyone, no matter who they are, can thrive. But we also acknowledge that this is not where our University, state or country currently are. In order to have a more inclusive campus, we first have to do the work to get there.

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Student and Chencellor at Spring Commencement

Strategic Plan

We've identified our goals for a more welcoming University – and the steps we’ll take to get there.

The Path Forward  

Climate Study

Students, staff and faculty shared their experiences and suggested changes to make a more accessible campus.

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Equity Scorecard

The Equity Scorecard shines a light on the gaps in our University, offering insights into the work to be done.

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Counselling session

Bias Incident & Hate Crime Report

Accountability is the key to real change.

If you have experienced a bias motivated incident, please fill out the Bias Motivated Incident Form so we can better understand these situations that violate the values of our community at UW-Green Bay.

bias incident report

1966 Obreros Unidos march. Courtesy of the WI Historical SocietyLatina woman and young girl at the 2023 Estamos Aquí festival at UW-Green BayLatino man looking at crops1984 A Mexican woman and her six children are standing on the porch of the multiple-family housing provided to them by the pea cannery for which their husband and father works. Courtesy of the WI Historical Society

Let's Tell OUr LatinX Story

Join us to collect and celebrate Latinx history in Wisconsin.

In a two-day kick-off event March 19-20, 2024 we introduce the Wisconsin Latinx History Collective and meet to determine a pathway to participation. The goal is to celebrate Latinx contributions and update the state history through collection of oral histories from Latinx people in this community and region.

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Michael Alexander

Commitment to Do Better

Our vision for UW-Green Bay is "to create access to education, providing for a more equitable, just and inclusive society... we can and must take immediate steps to make sure our actions reflect our words."

Mike Alexander

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Melissa Nash

Here for You

Meet Melissa Nash, Affirmative Action Officer at UW-Green Bay. She is here to answer your questions about equity, diversity and inclusion. Just ask.

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