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What does it really mean to be an ally?

Becoming an ally isn't a one-and-done process. It takes a continual effort and a desire to gain fresh perspectives.

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Female speaks on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity
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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Educate. Advocate. Repeat.

Knowing what actions to take as an ally isn't a one-stop shop. We encourage you to continually learn different perspectives, histories and individual truths, and then use that knowledge to spur change. Here are some resources to start your process.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Certificate

Knowledge is power. Gain understanding to become a powerful ally in all aspects of your life by taking our online, non-credit certificate.

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AJ Cardenas inclusive excellence video UWL

Inclusivity Negligence Documentary

UW-LaCrosse students of color share their experiences on a predominantly white campus.

Watch the Documentary  

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Harvard's Anti-Racist Resources

It’s not enough to just be not racist – in order to truly confront prejudice, we must be anti-racist.

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Black Lives Matter

Podcasts Confronting Racism

Bello Collective created a list of 16 podcasts that confront and explain racism and its ideal.


6 tips for responding to racist attacks

Responding to Racist Attacks

Six tips for what to do if you witness a racially-motivated attack–don't be a bystander!

How to Respond  

Hmong students dancing in traditional costumes

Pronouncing Hmong Names

A quick guide to pronouncing Hmong names.

Pronunciation Help  

Common Myths Debunked

Racism relies on ignorance. Educate yourself to cut off individual discrimination at its source.

3 Common Myths About Racism

In her TEDxTalk, Dr. Watts Smith dispels what we think we know about racism and explores what we can do in order to live in a post-racist society.

Black Lives Matter Myths

MTV debunks four Black Lives Matter myths in under five minutes.

13th-Full Feature

Why does America have such a high rate of incarceration? Director Ava DuVernay seeks to answer this question in the 13th film documentary.

Stacie Christian

Connect with Stacie

Stacie Christian, our Assistant Vice Chancellor of Inclusive Excellence, strives to build a campus of inclusivity. If you need any help accessing resources, get in touch with her.

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