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Inclusivity & Equity Certificate Requirements

Learner: Level 1 Requirements

The specifics of each level will be communicated yearly as participants move through the program. However, there is no time frame limit for earning a certificate. Participants will all begin in Level 1. A combined 20 hours of professional development, community service and/or self-study is required for a Level 1 certificate, including the following minimum requirements:

  • One 4-hour Course: Promoting Inclusivity and Equity at UW-Green Bay. This four hour course is offered twice each semester, and once in the summer
  • Community Service: 2 hours
  • Additional 14 hours: Any combination of professional development, community service and/or self-study that reflects inclusivity and diversity.

How you combine the requirements above is up to you, but the minimum hours must be met, and each topic below must be covered.

Required Topics

The chart below lists required topics of training, self-study and/or community service and examples of ways to fulfill the requirements (examples are NOT all-inclusive):

Race, ethnicity and/or national origin
  • Race, ethnicity and/ or national origin in-person professional development
  • Attendance and/ or service at a multicultural event
  • Off-campus diversity or inclusivity conference
  • Volunteer time as a conversation partner for non- native English speaker(s)
  • Professional development related to age in the workplace
  • Community service with elder population
  • Professional development related to gender in the workplace 
  • Community service at the House of Hope, Brother's Keeper, Marion House, Women's Purse, Sexual Assault Center, Boys and Girls Club, etc.
  • Professional development related to veterans
  • Interview a veteran
  • Volunteer for a veteran fundraiser
  • Attend a ceremony for veterans
  • Participate in on-campus veterans activities
Socioeconomic Background
  • Professional development related to socioeconomic background
  • Community service at a local job bank, food pantry or homeless shelter
  • Professional development related to religion
  • Interviewing a religious or spiritual leader, shaman or traditional elder
  • Attendance at a religious event
  • Please note: if community service or self-study is sued to meet the religion requirement, it must include exposure to a religion or spiritual belief other than your own.
Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities (GRSM)
  • Professional development to GRSM
  • Safe Ally Training (Level 1 and/or 2, 3)
  • Attending and/or performing service at a GRSM event
  • Community service for Positive Voice, Rainbow over Wisconsin, etc.
  • Participation in UW-Green Bay Pride Center events
Disabilities Including Mental Health
  • Professional development related to those who have a disability
  • Interviewing staff members or community experts about clients who have a disability
  • Volunteer time as an assistant in a Special Needs Instructional Class, in Adult Day Services at the Cerebral Palsy Inc. Center or at Autism Society of Wisconsin
  • Tour options for Independent Living and/or Aging and Disability Resrouce Center (ADRC)
  • Professional development related to mental health
  • Attend a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) event
  • Complete QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) suicide prevention training

Other examples that relate to multiple topics:

Any activities completed within two years of submitting rubric may be included within the rubric, can be used for the Inclusivity and Equity Certificate Program. **Please note that the documentation requirements listed below apply for activities previously completed. **

If you have questions about whether your activity would count toward the Inclusivity and Equity Certificate Program, please feel free to send questions to

Portfolio Documentation

You'll provide a portfolio documenting your completion of the requirements. The Inclusivity and Equity Certificate level 1 rubric to organize your portfolio. It will describe participation in the professional development efforts covering each of the topics listed above.

For each activity addressing issues of diversity, you'll provide signatures, certificates or other proof of your participation in the activity. For any self-study or generalized inclusivity training, you'll write a summary of what you learned as well as a justification for the topic area(s) covered by those activities.

Beyond these requirements, you'll have a large degree of creative freedom in developing and presenting your portfolio. The employee should complete the rubric and submitted it to


This list is certainly not exhaustive, but serves as examples.

  1. Community Resources
  2. Multicultural Resource Center
  3. Inclusivity Professional Development Series (workshops presented 3 times a semester and communicated to the UW-Green Bay employee community)

Advocate: Level 2 Requirements

  • Attend Level 2 training.
  • Receive permission from Stacie Christian to move forward with Level 2 plan.
  • Complete plan within a year and submit summary for approval of completion from Stacie Christian.
Stacie Christian

Need More Info?

Stacie Christian, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, helped initiate our Inclusivity Certificate. If you have any questions about certificate requirements, connect with her.

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