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Student Inclusivity & Equity Certificate

Expand Your Awareness

Personal and professional development.

Our student inclusivity and equity training is designed to help you gain more understanding so you can implement inclusive practices for diverse groups of people. More importantly, though, you'll develop as a person.

"Diverse group of students participate in a beading activity at a multicultural fair

About the Certificate

You'll learn about how to be more inclusive of diverse individuals and groups, and how to be more equitable in the community and in the workplace. These skills are highly sought by employees in today's global economy. With this training, you'll get the opportunity to earn a cord to wear at graduation and a certificate that is resume-worthy.

What Does the Certificate Entail?

Students who earn the certificate have completed Student Foundations training, and participate in a total of 24 hours of inclusive excellence training at the four coastal campuses and in our communities. More information email Stacie Christian at

Inclusivity Class

  • Full Class Name: Inclusivity and Equity Certificate Program Student Foundations
  • Date: TBD
  • Place: UWGB University Union, Phoenix Rooms B & C
  • RSVP:
Stacie Christian

Need More Info?

Stacie Christian, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, teaches this training to students. If you have any questions, get in touch with her!

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