Registration Problems/Forms

What is a prerequisite and how does it impact my eligibility for enrollment?

A prerequisite is any course that is required BEFORE the enrollment of another course. If you are trying to gain access to a course without the prerequisite based on your specific circumstance you will need to complete a Course Registration/Late Add which can be found on our forms here.

What happens if a course closes? Can I waitlist?

Always have a backup course available for registration. Keep in mind you can waitlist a course through SIS. Whether or not you get enrolled is based upon the size of the class and your position on the waitlist. For example, you have a better chance to come off the waitlist if you are position 3 in a class of 150 versus position 3 in a class of 30. Remember the waitlist is fully automated and you will be notified via UW-Green Bay email if you move off of the waitlist to enrollment. All you need to do is add yourself and keep an eye on your “My Class Schedule” link in SIS.


Many registration problems require permission via an e-form to resolve.

To submit a request, click the “e-form” link next to the appropriate form and login to the system with your network user ID and password. You will need to enter the name and email address of a faculty member or advisor to have your form reviewed. See the directory for staff contact information. Once the form is approved or denied, it is automatically routed to the correct office for processing. You can expect a confirmation email within one or two business days after the faculty member signs it.

If you are unsure which form is needed, contact us