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Looking for classes but don't know where to start? This page will help you understand how to look up specific courses via the Student Information System (SIS) or the UW-Green Bay's schedule of classes. We'll walk you through how to search classes, whether you're looking for a specific course or just trying to get an idea of what's offered.

How do I search for classes?

The Schedule of Classes displays class and professor names, number of credits, and time and location of classes offered for the semester. The advanced search option allows you to search by class subject, or day and time of class offering. The Schedule of Classes can also be used to check pre-requisite requirements for classes.

Schedule of Classes

How to search for classes in SIS

You can search for classes a couple of different ways within your SIS account. Searching for classes is a way to look for very specific courses. Or, for a broader search, use the schedule of classes.
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When does the schedule of classes come out?

The Fall Schedule of Classes is typically posted toward the end of March, the Spring Schedule of Classes is posted at the end of October, and the Summer Schedule of Classes is posted in early December.

How do I search for general education classes?

Use the Course Availability search to look up general education classes. It can also be used to search for classes in specific majors or minors. If you're working directly in SIS, check out the Finding Gen Ed Courses video.

Gen Ed Search

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Feeling Stuck?

If you need help searching for courses, please get in touch with us. We'll help you out.

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