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Registering for Classes

Understanding registration is one of the single most important responsibilities you have as a college student. Students who can easily navigate the system become very resourceful and get the courses they need. Below are some resources to make your registration much easier.

Registering for Classes

When Do I Register?

You can see when registration begins generally for each term on the Academic Calendar, but not everyone registers at the same time. That would be chaos! Your registration time—called an Enrollment Date—is assigned to you based on your number of earned credits. (For example, seniors with 84 to 120 credits register in the first few days, next juniors with 54 to 83 credits register, etc.) An Enrollment Date is not an actual meeting with a person, but the date and time you can log in to SIS and register. Find your Enrollment Date in your SIS account. Log In to SIS.

Video: How to Find Your Enrollment Date

Learn how to find the day and time of your Enrollment Date in SIS.
Length: 1 min 59 sec.

Don't delay. Be sure to register at your assigned Enrollment Date. Taking the right courses in sequence is very important to graduating on time. If you wait to register, you run the risk of those courses closing.

How to Register for Classes

Registering for college classes can be daunting. It can be a hurdle that prevents many from graduating on time. But there's help available! In the videos below, we'll walk you through the steps of finding and registering for classes. We'll also provide some tips on how to get on a class waitlist, use your enrollment shopping cart and find general education classes.

Video: How to Add a Class

Learn about how to add a class from your Student Center page in SIS.
Length: 3 min 25 sec

Video: How to Waitlist for a Class

If a course you need is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist. If you're next on the waitlist, and another student drops the course, you will be automatically added. Find out how to add yourself to a course waitlist in SIS.
Length: 2 min 44 sec

Video: How to Use Your Enrollment Shopping Cart

Your Shopping Cart is a helpful schedule planning tool. It will allow you to plan your schedule and troubleshoot any registration issues before your assigned registration day and time, which will hopefully make the actual registration process much easier.
Length: 3 min 50 sec

Video: Finding General Education Courses

Once you know which General Education Requirements you need, there is an easy way to find courses that will satisfy these requirements that are specifically available in the semester for which you are enrolling.
Length: 2 min 48 sec

How to make changes to my schedule?

Don't be afraid to add classes to your schedule. It's much easier to add a class while space is available and drop or swap it from your schedule later, than to try to get into a class that is already full. See how you can easily drop a class or swap a class from the SIS Student Center.

Video: How to Drop a Class

Find out how to drop a class using your SIS account.
Length: 1 min 30 sec

Video: How to Swap a Class

Find out how to swap a class using your SIS account.
Length: 2 min 10 sec

What Courses Should I Take?

If you know your intended major, you can enroll in courses from that major and take General Education Requirements to fill your schedule. If you are undecided, we encourage you to take a variety of General Education requirements to explore possible majors and minors and build a foundation of knowledge to take forward as you progress.

Video: How to Check Your Degree Requirements

Find out how to use the Academic Requirements tool to see which requirements you still need to complete, or even better to see which requirements you’ve already satisfied.
Length: 2 min 17 sec

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