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Inclusive Workplace Environment

2018-2019 Members

Chair: Melissa Nash 920-465-2103
Members: Stacie Christian, Lynn Niemi, Amy Mauk, Jemma Lund, Erica Grunseth, Jagadeep Thota, Michael Casbourne, Mary Gichibi, Courtney Sherman



  • Distributed, compiled, and analyzed annual new employee climate survey
  • Created sample list of interview questions related to inclusivity and equity to be used in University recruitments
  • Developed required implicit bias training for all recruitment committee/panel members
  • Facilitated new and existing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Provided feedback for professional development initiatives related to inclusivity and equity

Upcoming Initiatives

  • Discussion and implementation of increased marketing of recruitments to diverse populations
  • Development of inclusive work behavior expectations in position descriptions
  • Development of performance evaluation criteria related to demonstration of inclusive work behaviors
  • Enhanced networking resources for new employees

Status Reports