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Certificate Recipients

Inclusivity and Equity Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to all the Level 2 Inclusivity and Equity Certificate recipients!

2019 Recipients-Level 2
Jemma Lund
Kate Burns

Congratulations to all the Level 2 Inclusivity and Equity Certificate recipients!

2019 Recipients-Level 1
Sheryl Van Gruensven
Kinga Jacobson
Joan Groessl
Patricia Leary
Linda Peacock-Landrum
Denise Baeten
Mark Olkowski
Deanne Kusserow
Michelle Gauger
Susan Gallagher-Lepak
Gail Trimberger
Rosa Serrano
Tammy Olp
Sara Chaloupka
Mai Lo Lee

2018 Recipients- Level 2
Amy Henniges
Brenda Beck
Jill Siegmund
Jennifer Schanen-Materi
Amanda Nelson
Lina Briggs-Dineen
Stephanie Murphy​

2018 Recipients-Level 1
Courtney Sherman
Joy Ruzak
Kerry Winkler 
Megan Strehlow
Crystal Williams
Jason Mathwig
Andrea Felmer
Laura Nolan
Erika Bloch
Kassie VanRemortel
Margie Reichwald
Jill Siegmund
Stacie Christian
Teri Zuege-Halvorsen
Matthew Nieman
Susan Pike
Kerry Winkler
Samantha Anderson
Suzette Borneman

2017 Recipients-Level 1
Kate Burns- Human Development (Fall 2017)
Laura Delikowski- Academic Advising (Fall 2017)
Myunghee Jun- Nursing and Health Studies (Fall 2017)
Nicole Kurth- Residence Life (Fall 2017)
Amy Mauk- Residence Life (Fall 2017)
Rebecca Nesvet- Humanities (Fall 2017)
Darrel Renier- Academic Advising (Fall 2017)
Sarah Schuetze-Humanities (Fall 2017)
Courtney Sherman- Music (Fall 2017)
Elizabeth Wheat - Public Administration (Fall 2017)
Jeff Willems- Residence Life (Fall 2017)

2016 Recipients-Level 1
Lia Xiong – TRIO & Precollege (Fall 2016)
Laura Sinclair – Financial Aid (Fall 2016)
Theresa Weise – Counseling and Health Center (Fall 2016)
Lisa Schmelzer – TRIO & Precollege (Fall 2016)
Lynn Niemi – Disability Services (Fall 2016)
Loretta Rafter – MESA, Inclusive Excellence, and Pride Center (Fall 2016)
Melissa Nash – Human Resources (Fall 2016)
Ann Larscheid – TRIO & Precollege (Fall 2016)
Jemma Lund – International Education (Fall 2016)
Nora Kanzenbach – Academic Advising (Fall 2016)
Mike Kline – Athletics (Fall 2016)
Jayne Kluge – TRIO & Precollege (Fall 2016)
Joanie Dovekas – Residence Life (Fall 2016)
Myra Gilreath- TRIO & Precollege (Fall 2016)
Michael Casbourne – TRIO & Precollege (Fall 2016)
Stacie Christian – Inclusive Excellence and Pride Center (Fall 2016)
John Arendt – Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) (Fall 2016)

In order to complete Level 1, the recipient has completed professional development coursework, community service, and self-study that has given them the knowledge and experience needed to respect and accept diverse individuals through personal behavior and communication.