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UW-Green Bay Colors

Color Me Daring hues of innovation, tenacity or caring.

Our UW-Green Bay colors aren't just hues on a page; they're vibrant threads woven into the very fabric of our identity. Together, these colors tell a story – a story of resilience, growth, and a relentless drive to make a difference. They're a beacon, guiding us forward and outward, forever connected to the place we call home. So next time you see our colors flying high, remember, they're more than just a visual cue; they're the beating heart of UW-Green Bay, vibrant and alive.

Primary Colors

The official school colors of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay are Phoenix Green and white. In an age of bombardment of the senses, school colors only grow more important as powerful cues to institutional identity.

Phoenix Green 
PMS 343
Process 95C, 15M, 62Y, 58K

Phoenix Green

As a design element, UW-Green Bay’s Phoenix Green communicates our brand. It is the preferred color for logo and the primary color to communicate a sense of coherence and organization.

Process 0C, 0M, 0Y, 0K


While Phoenix Green may be the star of the show at UW-Green Bay, white plays a crucial supporting role, adding contrast and balance to the university's official color palette.

Note: In printing, when a material or process being used will change the intended results, PMS 342 green may be considered an option to achieve Phoenix Green. Whenever imprinting on fabric, tinted surfaces or other materials, it is enough to remember that the desired effect should be PMS 343.

Secondary Colors

Attractive colors from a wider accent color palette are available. These secondary colors give flexibility and a brighten the overall palette.

Bright Green*
Process 67C, 0M, 98Y, 5K

Bright Green

This energetic green isn't about playing it safe. It's the color of growth, nature and energy, associated with renewal and the environment.

Dark Blue
Process 86C, 53M, 56Y, 36K

Dark Blue

Like the dark waters of Lake Michigan weathering a storm, this blue embodies UW-Green Bay's tenacity and resilience. It is hard-working and speaks to the ability to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

Process 0C, 55M, 90Y, 0K


This orange is the color of bold ideas and challenging initiatives. It is meant to be a strategic accent used sparingly to guide the eye to key actions and information.

Process 60C, 0M, 31Y, 0K


This cool, earthy teal bridges the gap between the vivid greens and blues. It brings balance, harmony and a sense of wellness.

*Contrast Warning: Bright green, orange, and teal don't have sufficient color contrast with other colors in the UW-Green Bay palette to meet digital accessibility standards. Be careful when using these colors with text or icons. Color contrast is insufficient for small glyphs. It should only be used on large text or non-text graphical elements.

Background Colors

These subtle neutral colors provide a base on which you can place text with readable contrast.

Process 1C, 0M, 2Y, 2K


This warm, creamy pale green shade sits just a touch away from pure white, offering a delicate contrast without feeling stark. Imagine the color of eggshells – it's supportive, inviting, and versatile. It provides a gentle base for text of any color, ensuring readability without overwhelming the eye.

Light Gray
Process 1C, 0M, 0Y, 4K

Light Gray

This cool-toned light gray is a pale foundation that's slightly darker than off-white, without feeling heavy. It offers a refreshing and modern feel while still remaining neutral and versatile.

Process 41C, 27M, 0Y, 83K


This deep charcoal hue adds a touch of drama and contrast to any design. It has a slight hint of blueish-gray that makes it feel cooler and less harsh than pure black. It evokes the feel of weathered slate or a moonless night – it's grounding, and provides excellent contrast for lighter text colors.

Approved Logo Color Treatment

The official University marks should appear in Phoenix Green, black or white, if possible. When a designer is limited to the use of one or two colors, reversed out white from a solid color is the preference.

Phoenix Green

Phoenix Green UW-Green Bay Logo


Black UW-Green Bay Logo


White UW-Green Bay Logo

Website Support

For screen media, the same color usage rules apply as for print, however, the colors are slightly different. Please refer to the Website Support page for the official web color palette and HTML color codes.

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