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Experts Guide

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Office of Marketing and University Communication has prepared a list of campus sources who can provide expert commentary on a wide range of topics for the news media and also serve as community resources. Marketing and University Communication is available to assist the media and community in matching experts with topics and contacting these experts. We also can provide assistance in finding an expert not listed here.


For more information or assistance, contact the Assistant Director of Communications, Kristin Bouchard.

Kristin Bouchard
Phone: (920) 465-5502

Experts Directory

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ExpertTopics of Expertise
Iftekhar Anam
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Science, Technology
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Accessible Technology, Human-Computer Interaction, High-performance Computing, Automated Facial Analysis
Debra Anderson
Coordinator of Archives and Area Research Center
Digital Humanities, Northeastern Wisconsin, UW-Green Bay
Knowledge and expertise on subject areas identified based on archival collections, documents, images, maps and other resources on a variety of subject matters, including northeastern Wisconsin history, UW-Green Bay history, genealogy, document and photo preservation, oral history, and use of primary sources in classrooms.
John Arendt
Director of Environmental Management and Business Institute
Environmental Science and Policy, Natural Environment
Scott Ashmann
Associate Dean, College of Health, Education and Social Welfare
Education and Learning, Northeastern Wisconsin, Science, UW-Green Bay
Environmental education, science teaching and learning, teacher preparation
Andrew Austin
Associate Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies
(920) 465-2359
Democracy and Justice Studies
Crime and justice issues. Race and justice. Social class and justice. Women and justice. Anti-environmentalism.
Rachele Bakic
Executive Director Admissions
UW-Green Bay Admissions
Mandeep Singh Bakshi
Associate Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences
1. Functional Biomaterials for Sustainable Chemistry
2. Biomineralization
Aqueous phase synthesis, characterization, and physical properties of bio-nanomaterials by using water soluble proteins, polymers, and their self-assembled structures. Special emphasis on the native and denatured states of proteins controlled crystal growth.
Lissa Balison
Children and Families, Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, Health and Wellness, Human Life Span / Human Development, Northeastern Wisconsin, UW-Green Bay, Women's Issues
mental health counseling
Gaurav Bansal
Chair of Business Administration, Professor
Business and Finance
Information Privacy and Security
Nolan Bennett
Assistant Professor
Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, Humanities, Politics and Government, Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
American political thought, criminal justice, testimony and autobiography
Jeffrey Benzow
Associate Professor of Art and Design
(920) 465-2169
Visual Arts
Graphic Design
Danielle Bina
Associate Teaching Professor
Journalism and Writing
Electronic Media. Media Relations. Journalism. 
Brent Blahnik
Director of International Education
Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, Geography, Languages and Cultures, Northeastern Wisconsin, Politics and Government, Religion, Ethics and Philosophy, UW-Green Bay
Janet Bonkowski
Executive Director, Marketing and University Communication
UW-Green Bay, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations
Douglas Brusich
Associate Professor Human Biology
Sadie Buboltz-Dubs
Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Clinical Education for Athletic Training
Health and Wellness
Sports Medicine, Evaluation and Management of Musculoskeletal Injuries, Head Injuries, Interprofessional Education
Kate Burns
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
UW-Green Bay, Stress & Coping
Stereotyping, emotion and self-regulation. Women in math.
Thomas Campbell
Associate Professor
Music, Art, Theater
Playwriting, Directing, Theatre History, Theatre Theory, Dramaturgy, Performance Studies, Theatre Pedagogy, Performance, Dramatic Literature Studies
Denise Carlson-Gardner
Associate Teaching Professor
Music, Art, Theater
Artistic Director, DanceWorks; Theatre and Dance Program (Dance) Jazz Dance, Contemporary, Tap, Musical Theatre Dance, Choreography, Dance History
Bryan Carr
Associate Professor of Communication, Information and Computing Sciences, Women's and Gender Studies
Communications and Media, Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, Popular Culture, Technology, Women's Issues
Popular Culture: Video games, science fiction, superhero media, film; Communications and Media: Social media, radio and television, film; Specialize in issues of race, gender, identity and representation in all of these areas
Tara Carr
Small Business Development Center Director
Business and Finance
Small Business Development
Gary Christens
Lecturer - Cofrin School of Business
Business and Finance
Accounting and finance
Elliot Christenson
Computer Science Lecturer
Communications and Media, Politics and Government, Technology
Web technology
Internet regulatory issues (Net Neutrality, etc.)
Cyber security
Stacie Christian
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Inclusive Excellence, Interim Director of the Multicultural Resource Center
Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues
LGBTQ+ and Inlcusivity in workplace and community
Alan Chu
Chair of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology
Health and Wellness, Languages and Cultures, Sports and Athletics
Sport psychology, motivation, table tennis, high school sport, coaching
Phillip Clampitt
Blair Endowed Chair of Communication
Business and Finance, Communications and Media
Propaganda, Social Media, Leadership and Technology, PR, Internal Organizational Communication
Jeremy Cleven
Head Athletic Trainer
Green Bay Phoenix
Athletic Training, University Athletics
Alise Coen
Assistant Professor Political Science (Sheboygan/Manitowoc)
Politics and Government
Immigration; international politics; US foreign policy; human rights
David Coury
Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
Islam and relations between West and Islamic World
Marcelo  Cruz
Associate Professor
Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, Geography, Public Policy and Planning
City and Regional Planning, Ethnic Enclave formation, Economic Regional development
Illene Cupit
Ben J and Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Psychology
Children and Families, Human Life Span / Human Development
Dying, death and loss
Sean Daniels
Assistant AD for Strategic Communications
Green Bay Phoenix
Sports Marketing and Communications, University Athletics
Tara DaPra
creative writing, especially memoir and creative nonfiction; writing process; creativity; publishing
Kristy Deetz
Professor Emeritus of Art and Design
Visual Arts
Painting and drawing. Oil painting. Contemporary art and painting.
Jessica Delzer
Children and Families, Education and Learning
Continuing Education on: Mental Health and Substance Use disorders and treatment, Crisis Intervention Services, Trauma-Informed Care
Bridget Derge
Assistant Director of Admissions
UW-Green Bay
Sarah Detweiler
Professor, Art Chair
Music, Art, Theater
Photography, Darkrooms, Outsider Art
Mathew Dornbush
Dean of Austin E. Cofrin School of Business
Environmental Science and Policy, Natural Environment, Science
Plant Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Invasive Species, Soil Quality and Health, Biofuels
Michael Draney
Professor of Biology
Environmental Science and Policy, Natural Environment
Entomology, Insects, bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, etc.
Kate Farley
Digital Collections & Metadata Librarian
Digital Humanities, Education and Learning, Technology
Managing digital identity, web literacy, ePortfolios, and integrating technology into instruction
Heidi Fencl
Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences (Physics)
Physics, Weather and Climate
Gender norms in physics education. Gamma-ray bursters.
Kevin Fermanich
Professor, Geoscience, Environmental Science; Env Sci and Policy
Environmental Science and Policy, Natural Environment, Northeastern Wisconsin, Science
Chemicals in the soil and water environment. Soil quality. Water quality, especially surface and ground waters; Climate Change impacts on water quality.
Tracy Fernandez Rysavy
Literature: Multicultural literature, Jane Austen, Gothic literature, women's literature
Patrick Forsythe
Professor of Environmental Science & Policy
Water quality
Conservation biology focusing on aquatic ecosystems in the Great Lakes region. Fish populations including lake sturgeon and yellow perch. Population ecology.
Susan Frost
Associate Lecturer
Business and Finance, Humanities, Music, Art, Theater
The Humanities as a foundation for critical thinking including business & healthcare. Empathy & Leadership.
Adam Gaines
Associate Professor of Music
Humanities, Music, Art, Theater
Classical and Jazz music, history
Alison Gates
Professor, Chair of Art & Design, Arts Management and Design Arts
Visual Arts
Weaving. Dye processes for textiles. Fiber identification. Textile preservation. Contemporary textile and fiber arts.
Matthew Geimer
Lecturer of Business Law
Business and Finance
Business Law
Erin Giese
Data Scientist II
Environmental Science and Policy, Natural Environment, Northeastern Wisconsin, Science
Birds, ornithology, frogs, wetlands, forests, Wisconsin, international travel, nature
Joan Groessl
Associate Professor & Social Work Department Chair
Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
Professional Ethics; Professionalism (Behavior); Mental Health; Leadership
Jennifer Ham
Humanities Professor
Education and Learning, Humanities, Languages and Cultures
Language, literature, culture of German-speaking countries, cultural representations of schooling, animals, turn of the century drama and popular culture
Eric Hansen
Associate Professor of Music
Classical and Contemporary Music
Clarinet pedagogy. Woodwind techniques. Freshmen music theory.
Richard Hein
Professor of Biology
Natural Environment, Science
oceanography, marine biology, coral reefs
David Helpap
Associate Professor Public Administration
Politics and Government, Public Policy and Planning
State and local government, public policy, urban politics, public finance, public administration
Amy Henniges
Director of Counseling and Health Center
Counseling and Health
Health issues pertinent to University Setting.
Emma Hitzman
Associate Academic Curator
Fine Art, Visual Arts
Lawton Gallery, Fine Art Exhibits, UW-Green Bay Permanent Art Collection
Michael Holly
Associate Professor
Environmental Science and Policy, Natural Environment
Water quality, air pollution, recycling, landfilling, agriculture, dairy farming
Jenell Holstead
Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair of Psychology
Education and Learning, Human Life Span / Human Development
Afterschool programs, summer learning, special education
Md Maruf Hossain
Science, Technology
Electrical Engineering, Electrical Power Systems, Solar and Wind Energy Systems, Renewable Energy Integration with the Power Grid, Power System Stability and Power Quality
Ray Hutchison
Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, Popular Culture
Please include the following categories in your listing: crime / street gangs, sociology, and urban sociology/urban studies
Derek Jeffreys
Professor, Philosophy Chair
Philosophy, Ethics and Justice
Religion. Religion and public life. Ethics, particularly religious, environmental and medical ethics. Political thought and intellectual vision of the present Pope. Buddhism. Ethics of jails, prisons and solitary confinement.
Woo Jeon
Jennifer Jones
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
Education and Learning, UW-Green Bay
Enrollment, Recruitment, Relationship Building, Team Building, Leadership
Amy Kabrhel
Associate Professor Chemistry (Manitowoc)
James Kabrhel
Associate Professor Chemistry (Sheboygan/Manitowoc)
Pseudoscience, basic chemistry, teaching underclassman
Mark Karau
Professor, Chair of  Humanities
History, War
First and Second World Wars, 20th century Germany
John Katers
Dean, College of Science, Engineering, and Technology
Environmental Science and Policy, Science, UW-Green Bay
Waste management, recycling, renewable energy
Ryan Kauth
Lecturer of Entrepreneurship
Business and Finance
Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Economic Development
Harvey Kaye
Professor Emeritus of Democracy and Justice Studies
U.S. History
Director of the Center for History and Social Change. Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professor. American history and politics. Intellectuals. Radicals.
Patricia Kleba
Assoc Lecturer
Health and Wellness
Nursing- most specific, hospice and palliative care, pharmacology
Mark  Klemp
Associate Professor Chemistry (Marinette)
Elaina Koltz
Sr Advisor
UW-Green Bay Veteran Certifying Official. Is retired military; activated with the military for OIF/OEF; spouse of a soldier and mother of combat veteran, can discuss Veteran issues returning to the classroom and community.
Alan Kopischke
Associate Lecturer
Music, Art, Theater
Theatre, New Play Development, Physical Characterization, Objectives and Tactics, Dialects, Shakespeare, Scene Study
Michael Kraft
Professor Emeritus
Environmental Science and Policy, Politics and Government
U.S. government, state government, electoral politics, public policy; environmental policy and politics, energy, climate change.
Jeffrey Krueger
Director of University Recreation
Health and Wellness, Sports and Athletics
Campus Recreation. Sports and Athletics
Nicole Kurth
Pride Center Coordinator
Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, History, Music, Art, Theater, Sports and Athletics, War, Women's Issues
Graphic Design. Women's History. LGBTQ+ History. WWII, Holocaust. Civil War. Civil Rights Movement. AAGPBL (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League).
Nichole LaGrow
Distance Education Coordinator
Digital Humanities, Education and Learning, Humanities
Education and Learning: Adult Education; Developmental Education; Distance Education; Online Learning; Professional Development and Training; Tutoring; Higher Education Administration; Digital Humanities - Teaching Humanities with Technology; Humanities: Willa Cather
Jena Richter Landers
Digital Communication Specialist
Communications and Media
Social Media
Mary Sue Lavin
Director, Phuture Phoenix
Education and Learning
Phuture Phoenix Campus Visits, Phuture Phoenix Scholarships, Phuture Phoenix Tutors in GBAPS, West De Pere, and Oneida Schools
J P Leary
Associate Professor of First Nations Studies, History, and Humanities
Education and Learning, Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, History, Humanities, Native American studies
Education policy, curriculum issues, textbooks
Katia Levintova
Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, Global Studies
Politics & Government
Vince Lowery
Director of Student Success, Director of GPS
Student Success
Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS) Program, High Impact Practices
John Luczaj
Professor of Geology
Natural Environment, Science
Geology, Water Science, Caves
Berel Lutsky
Professor Emeritus of Art (Manitowoc)
Susan Machuca
Campus Administrative Specialist and Assistant to the CEO
Children and Families, Communications and Media, Education and Learning, Health and Wellness, Music, Art, Theater, Sports and Athletics, UW-Green Bay
Mohammad Upal Mahfuz
Associate Professor
Science, Technology
Nanoscale (molecular) communication systems
Kaoime Malloy
Communications and Media, Health and Wellness, History, Humanities, Languages and Cultures, Music, Art, Theater, Popular Culture, Religion, Ethics and Philosophy, Women's Issues
Makeup, Special Effects, Japanese Art and Culture, Irish Art and Culture, Art Appreciation, Photoshop and Digital Painting, Buddhism and Shintoism, Pagan Studies, Massage Therapy, Medical Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
James Marker
Associate Professor
Music, Art, Theater, Science, Sports and Athletics
Fitness, exercise training, ergogenic sports aids, sports nutrition, environmental physiology, hormones and exercise, caloric expenditure/metabolism Folk music and folk guitar/banjo (you asked)
Ryan Martin
Dean, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Professor
Communications and Media, Health and Wellness
Emotions and Social Media, Emotion in general, Anger and violence, mental illness
Heather Masters
Dietetic  Internship Director
Health and Wellness
Registered Dietitian with expertise with healthy weight management and behavior change.
Joel Muraco
Lecturer of Human Development
Human Development
Romantic relationships, relationship satisfaction, LGBT experience, LGBT minority stress, mental health, and well-being.
Michelle McQuade Dewhirst
Professor of Music
Music, Art, Theater, Popular Culture
Film music, pop music, creativity and the creative process
Rebecca Meacham
Director, Writing and Applied Arts program, Professor of English/Humanities
Humanities, Languages and Cultures, Popular Culture
American literature, contemporary authors, podcasts, books and publishing, book festivals, writing, how to teach writing
Randall Meder
Associate Professor
Music, Art, Theater
Classical music. Conducting. Voice. Music education. Music history. Choral music.
Vicki Medland
Lecturer of Biodiversity Center
Natural Environment, Science
Aquatic ecology, wetlands, zooplankton, biodiversity, native plants gardening, urban agriculture, heirloom plants
Daniel Meinhardt
Associate Professor and Curator of the Richter Museum of Natural History
evolutionary biology, vertebrate anatomy and development
Sarah Meredith
Languages and Cultures, Music, Art, Theater, Women's Issues
Women in the Performing Arts, All topics related to classical/opera/music theater genres of singing, voice health care, the healing power of music, diction for singers in French, German, Italian, Czech; Topics related to Czech Republic and Slovakia, Italy, Brazil
Brian Merkel
Associate Professor, Chair of Human Biology
Immunology, Microbiology, Antibiotics, Disease
Daniel Moore
Communications and Media, Music, Art, Theater, Popular Culture
Photography, The National Parks
Eric Morgan
Associate Professor of History and Democracy Studies
History, Humanities, Natural Environment, Politics and Government, Popular Culture, Sports and Athletics, War
U.S. foreign policy, South Africa, political history, sport history, literary history, social movements, travel and tourism, National Parks
Parker Nadeau
Technology Support Specialist
Technology, UW-Green Bay
Amanda Nelson
Associate Dean, College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET) and
Associate Professor
Health and Wellness, Science, Sports and Athletics
Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Neuroanatomy
Thomas Nesslein
Associate Professor
Economic policy issues in general but mainly focused on national economic issues. Particular focus on national housing policy issues.
Rebecca Nesvet
Associate Professor of English
Digital Humanities, History, Humanities, Languages and Cultures, Music, Art, Theater, Popular Culture
British literature, especially Romantic and Victorian, children’s, illustrated, Christmas annuals, popular fiction, especially penny dreadfuls, horror and SF, modern British culture.
Lynn Niemi
Student Accessibility Services Director
Education and Learning, UW-Green Bay
Disability Issues, Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Reasonable accommodations due to disability.
Timothy Nixon
Adjunct Professor
Business and Finance, Politics and Government
Law, Bankruptcy, Administrative Law, Legal Process, Courts
Laura Nolan
Executive Manager, Business & Government Outreach
Health and Wellness, Human Life Span / Human Development
Dementia Care, End of Life Issues, Senior Healthcare, Long-term Care, Assisted Living
Kaitlyn O'Claire
CEO Assistant, Marinette Campus
UW-Green Bay Marinette Campus
Mark Olkowski
Associate Dean of Students
Women's Issues
Student Misconduct, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Title IX, Clery Act
Cristina Ortiz
Education and Learning, Humanities, Politics and Government, Women's Issues
Bilingualism, Spanish
Christopher Paquet
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Policy and Compliance
Public Policy and Planning
Title IX and Sexual Misconduct
Debra Pearson
Associate Professor & Director of Master of Nutrition & Integrated Health
(920) 465-2280
Human nutrition. Possible health benefits of phenolic compounds in plant-derived foods (e.g., tea, rosemary, grape seed extracts, chocolate). Sports nutrition. Nutrition and pregnancy. Diabetes. Osteoporosis. Cancer.
Sue Pischke
University Videographer/Photographer
Communications and Media
Video expertise in Marketing and Communication field.
Lisa Poupart
Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies
(920) 465-2185
First Nations Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies
Social problems on American Indian reservations and in urban communities. Internalized oppression in American Indian communities, especially social problems including domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, addictions and juvenile delinquency. Reintegration of traditional tribal peacemaking systems. Indigenous First Nations teaching methods and elder epistemology.
Michael Rector
Associate Professor
Music, Art, Theater
piano, classical music, music theory
Margaret Reichwald
Executive Manager, Wisconsin Training Registries
Business and Finance, Education and Learning, Politics and Government, Public Policy and Planning
Assisted Living Industry
Lee Reinke
Head Coach Men's and Women's Golf
Sports and Athletics
Ellen Rosewall
Professor Emeritus, Art and Design
Business and Finance, Education and Learning, Music, Art, Theater, Northeastern Wisconsin
Arts management. Effects of the arts on the economy, business, education, tourism, civic engagement and workforce development
Lynn Rotter
Ticketing & Information Services Manager
Business and Finance, Communications and Media, Music, Art, Theater, UW-Green Bay
Business & Finance: knowledge of business operations within the University Union, including dining plan and university ID card. Communications & Media: knowledge of communication methods between students and staff including social media and digital communication, and marketing. Music, Art & Theatre: Knowledge of history of The Weidner (specifically ticket sales and events), current ticketing services. UW-Green Bay: specific knowledge on many topics, including directions, facilities, services, and departments.
Laura Rowell
Dietetic Internship Lecturer
Children and Families, Health and Wellness
Wellness, Health Coach
Chuck Rybak
Professor of English & Humanities
Digital Humanities, Humanities, Music, Art, Theater, Popular Culture
Literature, creative writing
John Salerno
Associate Professor of Music
Classical and Contemporary Music
Director of Jazz Studies. Jazz music and musicians. 
Mark Sauter
Assistant Teaching Professor
Music, Art, Theater
Teach Tools, Safety, Materials For Art Department, Manage Art Departments Wood Shop
Brandon Schlotthauer
Director of Strength & Conditioning
Health and Wellness, Sports and Athletics
Strength & Conditioning, Injury Risk Reduction, General Athletic Development
James Schramm
Campus Executive Officer (Manitowoc & Sheboygan)
Business and Finance
Leadership, Leadership Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Marketing, Social Media, Cybersecurity, Personal Finance, Financial Literacy
Jeffery Schulz
Campus Architect
UW-Green Bay
Campus Facility Planning and Design
Sawa Senzaki 
Associate Dean for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences & Professor of Psychology
Children and Families, Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, Human Life Span / Human Development, Languages and Cultures
Director of the Child's Lab
Infancy and early childhood. Acculturation among immigrant children and families. Social and cultural influences on development. Japanese language and culture.
Michael Shaw
Marketing Content Writer
Communications and Media, Popular Culture
Cartoonist with more than 120 published in The New Yorker. I have appeared on MSNBC and my cartoon was part of a 60 Minutes profile of New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff.
Jon Shelton
Professor, Chair of Democracy and Justice Studies
Education and Learning, History, Public Policy and Planning
Twentieth century US history, labor and working-class history, history of class and economic inequality, history of education, US labor policy, unions
Heidi Sherman
Associate Professor of History and Humanities
Digital Humanities, Education and Learning, History, Humanities, Languages and Cultures
Viking History, Russian and Medieval European History, Historical Reenactment, Textiles
Christine Smith
Associate Professor of Psychology, Women's and Gender Studies
Ethnic Groups / Diversity Issues, Health and Wellness, Women's Issues
LGBT issues, body image and weight issues, anything involving women's lives and experiences and gender equality
Addie Sorbo
Associate Teaching Professor
Music, Art, Theater
Graphic Design, Design business
Sue Steeno
Financial Aid Officer
Business and Finance
Financial Aid Related Topics
Rebecca Stone Thornberry
Associate Professor Theatre and Dance (Marinette)
Theatre and Dance, Women's and Gender Studies
Theatre by the Bay
Jagadeep Thota
Chair of Engineering
(920) 465-2817
Engineering Technology
Explosions and projectile impacts. Optimization codes for design improvements in structures. Shock mitigation; structures with bolted joints. Polymer composites under normal and extreme environments. 
Meagan  Strehlow
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Access & Success
Education and Learning
College Credit in High School, Dual Enrollment Access Academy, Early College Credit Program, Academic Competition, GEAR UP, and Turbocharge
Kelli Strickland
Executive and Artistic Director (The Weidner)
Performing Arts, Theatre and Dance
The Weidner
Abbey Sutherland
Head Volleyball Coach
Sports and Athletics
Mussie Teclezion
Associate Professor of Finance
Business and Finance
Corporate Diversification and Earnings Management
Patricia Terry
Professor, Chair of Richard J. Resch School of Engineering
(920) 465-2749
Environmental Science, Engineering Technology
Water quality. Environmental separations. Alternative energies. Biodiesel. 
Gail Trimberger
Professor Emeritus
Children and Families, Health and Wellness, Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
End of Life Care, Grief and Loss, Professional Ethics
Katie Turkiewicz
Chair of Communication, Information Technology & Data Science, Associate Professor
Communications and Media, Health and Wellness
Strategic Health Communication Campaigns, Health Communication and Technology, Patient-Provider Communication, Cyberchondria
Christine Vandenhouten
Professor, Director of Nursing
(920) 465-2994
Community health nursing
HIV/AIDS. Social justice. Impact of poverty on health outcomes. Immersion/simulation learning face to face and virtual worlds (e.g., Second Life). Health policy. Assessment of education outcomes. Adult education (educational technology).
Sheryl Van Gruensven
CBO and Senior Vice Chancellor of Institutional Strategy
UW-Green Bay
Institutional Strategy, University Business and Finance
Bruce Vandenplas
Associate Lecturer
Communications and Media, Education and Learning, Sports and Athletics
18 years of broadcasting UWGB women's basketball and 20 years of instructing in human biology department class is Responding to Emergencies.
Kristin Vespia
Director of CATL & Professor of Psychology
(920) 465-2746
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Career development process.
Kimberly Vlies
Digital Marketing Specialist
Communications and Media, Languages and Cultures, Music, Art, Theater, UW-Green Bay
Email marketing and online advertising Institutional Visual Identity and Logo Standards Spanish Language
David Voelker
Professor of History and Humanistic Studies
Environmental Science and Policy, History, Humanities
early American history through the Civil War, American religious history, American environmental history
Dean Von Dras
Professor of Human Development
(920) 465-5012
Adulthood and Aging
Sara Wagner
Assistant Teaching Professor & Director of Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics
Health and Wellness, Science
nutrition for health, new nutrition research, intuitive eating, weight neutral health
Lora Warner
Associate Professor of Public Administration
Public Policy and Planning
Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Effectiveness
Sam Watson
Assistant Professor of Art
Music, Art, Theater
Art History; Modern and Contemporary Art; Art of the First Nations; American Art; Art and cultural theory & criticism
Jane Wells
Associate Lecturer of Music (Marinette)
Director, West Shore Chorale
Music, Art, Theater
Music Education, Choral Conducting
Brian Welsch
Associate Professor of Physics
Astronomy / Astrophysics, Planetary Science, the Sun & Solar-system objects, Image Analysis
Elizabeth Wheat
Associate Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
Environmental policy, Politics & government, Public policy & planning
Tiffany Wilhelm
Associate Lecturer
Human Life Span / Human Development, Languages and Cultures
Counseling, Social Work, Treatment, Adolescence, French
Chris Williams
Assistant Professor of English/Humanities
Digital Humanities, Popular Culture
Poetry, 20th Century Avant-Garde, Underground Publications, Online Communities, Videogames
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges
Professor, Chair of Psychology
Education and Learning, Natural Environment
Environmental and Conservation Psychology, Statistics, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Dinesh Yadav
Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance
Music, Art, Theater
Theatrical Design, Scenic Design, Lighting Design, South Asian Theatre, Entertainment Technology, New Media Design, Experimental Theatre, Musicals
Jennie Young
Associate Dean, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Professor
Education and Learning, Languages and Cultures
High school culture, school violence, rhetorical analysis
Michael Zorn
Associate Dean and Professor for Budget and Grants
(920) 465-5758
Environmental Monitoring, Water Quality
Chemistry. Analytical and environmental chemistry.
Kristin Bouchard


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