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Social Media Consulting

Engage & Amplify

Unleash the power of social media to connect.

About 246 million people in the United States use social media. That's a torrent of Facebooking, Instagramming and TikToking at any given moment. And you've got to cut through the clutter. We'll help you spark genuine conversations, celebrate student achievements and foster a sense of belonging that extends beyond the classroom.

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Crack the Code with our Consultants

Our experienced social media team is available as a resource to existing and forthcoming University-affiliated social media presences. It is important to consult with Marketing and University Communication before creating a social media presence to ensure you follow University policies and maintain brand integrity. Once accounts are set up, Marketing and University Communication can be a great resource for best practices and strategy.

Good photo for social media sharing - Phlash the Phoenix mascot with students in the stands

Advocacy Training

We offer yearly trainings on Faculty/Staff Social Media advocacy and Student Leader Social Media Advocacy.

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Social Media Ambassadors

Our social media ambassadors are representatives of the UW-Green Bay experience, passionate members of our community and active users of social media.

Social Media Ambassadors

Drone aerial photo of the painted Phoenix

Social Media Policy

This policy outlines your responsibilities as an account administrator of a UW-Green Bay affiliated social media account. It clarifies expectations for how to officially represent UW-Green Bay on a social media platform.

Social Media Policy

Visual Identity on Social Media

Standardized social media icons for use as profile images ensure that brand compliance and best practice are observed. All University entities are welcome to request a customized social media icon for profile use. Cover images on applicable social media presences should be relevant images, crisp and properly sized. To request an icon, contact Digital Communication Specialist Jena Richter Landers at

Department Profile Image Example

Department Profile Image Example

Because some social media platforms round the corners of the social media profile, arched text is used above the phoenix to prevent it from getting cropped off.

College Profile Image Example

College Profile Image Example

This design includes a phoenix emblem on an academic ribbon shape. The college name is listed at the bottom.

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Social media expert Jena Richter Landers

just Ask Jena

Jena Richter Landers is our resident social media expert and consultant—creating content for the University and answering your questions. Put her to the test!  Reach out to Jena.

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