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Photo & Video Policy

Stock Imagery

It is the practice of the Office of Marketing and University Communication to be cautious in the use of stock images purchased commercially, especially those projecting “the face” of the University.

Beyond the fact that actual University of Wisconsin-Green Bay faculty, staff and students make the most believable models and ambassadors, there is the potential for consumers to discount the product or service being promoted if they doubt the authenticity of the implied testimonial, or worse, have seen the images elsewhere.

If stock images of individuals are used, it is always acceptable to use them as background or manipulated in such a way that faces are not individually identifiable or serve as focal points.

Stock images depicting physical locations can be problematic, as well. A shot showing a generic conference room might be fine, but an image showing equipment or architecture should clearly not be used in such a way as to imply the scene is from the UW-Green Bay campus if such scenes are not typical of campus.

Digital Manipulation

In the interest of truth in advertising for the viewer, and fairness to the subjects, consideration should be given to labeling scenes and photo images that have undergone significant digital manipulation. Even in tiny type, the phrase “Photo illustration by staff member Jane Doe” conveys information about the scene depicted. Collages that might not be recognized as such should also be labeled.

Permission from Photo/Video Subjects

As is relatively common, it is not currently the practice of Marketing and University Communication to use permission/release forms when printing or posting images of students, employees and visitors. That does not mean that caution is not exercised.

A key consideration is this: “What is a public space and what is a private space?” If an individual is in a clearly public or common place it is generally understood that the University or any information outlet could capture an image for use in news coverage or for informational purposes. Such spaces might include:

  • the University Union
  • a hallway in a classroom building
  • outdoors

That said, manipulation of the image or its use in any promotional piece that implies an endorsement could be problematic. For example, a photo of a one-time visitor should not be used in such a fashion as to suggest the person is a current student. Likewise, photos of undergraduate students are best not repurposed for a promotional piece on the graduate program. And, unless a design is clearly an abstract collage, individuals should not be placed in settings where they perhaps have never been.

Additionally, if a person objects or would object to even accurate documentary use of such image on any grounds whatsoever, good public relations dictates compliance. If an individual doesn’t want his or her image used, even if it’s in a public space, honor those wishes.

It is typically the practice of the University’s staff photographer, when capturing candid, public images which focus on a single individual or small group (rather than a large crowd), to politely inform the potential subjects that the resulting photographs could be used in promotional publications, news coverage or on the institutional website.

Videotaping or Photographing On Campus

In general, advance permission is not required for news photography and videotaping outdoors or in indoor public areas of UW-Green Bay.

Advance permission is required, however, for image capture in areas such as classrooms, residence halls and private offices.

Public meetings and most guest lectures and programs (free events, in particular) are generally open to media coverage. Some performers and presenters specify contractually that they reserve the right to limit access for proprietary reasons. In such cases, arrangements should be made in advance.

For the Weidner's policy on photos, refer to the venue's Guest Services.

Photo Credit

Photos taken by Marketing and University Communication staff may be used in external publications with proper permission and the following credit line.

"Photo credit: UW-Green Bay Office of Marketing and University Communication"

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