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Marinette Counseling

Many students come for help with a wide range of issues that can get in the way of being productive or just being happy. As a mental health professional, our job is to help you work toward solutions. We listen, listen, and listen. We do not judge people. We give feedback and teach coping skills. We also teach new ways of thinking and behaving.

We help with all kinds of problems: academic stress, work stress, personal/family/relationship problems, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, substance abuse, panic attacks, self-esteem, feeling lonely on campus, love relationships, difficulty with parents or family life, video game addiction, balance life with work and study; anger/irritability, etc.

Confidentiality: All services are confidential. No names are reported to UW administration or anyone else without your permission.

Marinette Student

Marinette Stress Counselors are Here to Help

Asking for help is an intelligent decision. Successful people practice this healthy habit. College life can be very demanding for most of us and unfortunately, we sometimes bring bad habits that get in the way of our success. One of these, is not asking for help when we know we need it. Here are some false beliefs about asking for help:

  • I shouldn't need help! Asking for help is for the weak. What will others think?
  • I'm afraid. I'm afraid to talk about my problems and what the counselor will think. I don't trust people.
  • Is this really confidential? My problems aren't that bad. I know what to do; I just don't do it. I'm terrified of failing and asking for help. I don't want to waste the counselor's time. I don't want anyone to know how bad it is.
  • By refusing to search out/seek help, we are not living proactively!

Counseling Costs

All full-time and part-time students can take advantage of six free counseling sessions. These sessions are included in tuition and fees, and are of no additional cost to the student at the time of the counseling session.

Virtual and Telephone Services available from Green Bay Campus
Phone: (920) 465-2380

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