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Your Wellness

We take a holistic approach to a healthier, happier you.

When you think of health and wellness, you may think of being physically healthy. At UW-Green Bay, we recognize your wellbeing comes from multiple aspects of your life. The wellness wheel outlines the seven key dimensions of wellbeing as intellectual, social, occupational, environmental, financial, physical and emotional. We have campus resources to support each dimension of your wellbeing, and organize events at each campus to give you opportunities to maintain and improve your wellbeing.

Dimensions of Student Well-Being: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Environmental, Social, Occupational and Financial

Campus Resources for Wellbeing

UW-Green Bay offers a variety of opportunities for you to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellness involves attending to the needs of your body through physical activity, good nutrition, attending to medical needs, and cultivating healthy habits.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellness is the ability to recognize, accept, and manage your feelings, behaviors and beliefs, and respond to life’s challenges resiliently, while being sensitive to others' feelings, behaviors and beliefs.

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Intellectual Wellbeing

Intellectual wellness includes seeking opportunities that fulfills life-long learning and engaging in education for the pursuit of knowledge, as well as the ability to be open to new experiences in order to continue to learn.

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Environmental Wellbeing

Environmental wellness helps us to recognize the responsibility to preserve, protect, respect, enjoy and improve the environments around us.

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Social Wellbeing

Social wellness involves developing a sense of belonging, meaningful connections, and a well-developed support system on and off campus.

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Occupational Wellbeing

Occupational wellness is your satisfaction of your major, career, or field of occupation and your sense of productivity and fulfillment within your context of work.

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Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellness encompasses our financial situations including expenses, debt, savings, financial planning and financial aid.

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Upcoming Wellbeing Events

UW-Green Bay holds events that promote student wellbeing throughout the year. They're an opportunity for you to socialize and be well.

UWGB Green Bay campus at night

Take Back the Night

Wednesday, Oct. 18 • 5:30 p.m. • Phoenix Park
Across the country, thousands of students, faculty, staff and community members join together to Take Back the Night by advocating for the end of sexual violence on college campuses. Join UW-Green Bay and universities everywhere as we learn, listen to stories and march through campus.

Amy Henniges, Executive Director of University Wellness and Student Counseling

Find Wellbeing

Meet Amy Henniges, our Counseling and Health Director for the Wellness Center. If you want to know more about services available here at the Wellness Center, you can contact any of our team at UW-Green Bay!

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