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YOU at UW-Green Bay


What's YOU at UW-Green Bay? A one-stop resource for staying healthy.

Put all your college plans in one place that's easily accessible and updatable with additional resources. That's what YOU at UW-Green Bay is all about. From academics, to health, to career plans and everything in-between, YOU connects you with confidential support 24/7. And it's all focused on YOU.

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What Is You?

Check out the adaptable, accessible and resource-rich features of YOU at UW-Green Bay.

The Power of YOU

YOU is a hub that serves you information and resources based on the things you say you’re interested in, worried about or working toward. It does so based on a user profile and a couple of quizzes called “Reality Checks.”

Available Whenever, Wherever

Sometimes a trip to Student Services or Student Billing or even navigating our website doesn’t fit into your schedule. YOU is accessible wherever, whenever you need it.

Built With Our Campus in Mind

In addition to online resources, YOU at UW-Green Bay directs you to our on-campus services, like Financial Aid or Student Employment. /p>

Amy Henniges, Executive Director of University Wellness and Student Counseling

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Reach out to us if you have questions about YOU at UW-Green Bay.

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