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Wellness Presentation Request

Expand Your Education

Here at the Wellness Center, our services include health education for our students.

Whether you want a presentation for your class, organization or event, we can help. Please fill out the form below, and allow three weeks advance notice for speaker requests when possible. A representative from the Wellness Center will contact you within three business days of receiving this request.
Health professional gives presentation to class

Wellness Presentation Request Form

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Tech for PowerPoint in room?:

Group Participation / Activities Requested?:

Presentation Topics:

If you would like to have a particular staff member present, please list them here.
Student Classifcation:

Amy Henniges, Executive Director of University Wellness and Student Counseling

Get in Touch

If you need confirmation before three business days, please complete this form AND call UW-Green Bay Wellness Center at (920) 465-2380.

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