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The University's brand template tool, Marq, formerly Lucidpress, is a marketing hub of branded templates available to designated University users. Marketing has engaged with Marq to supplement our custom marketing, advertising and design work with an option for easy, repeatable and editable templates for popular deliverables.

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What can you do with brand templates?

We’ve designed various templates for printed pieces like flyers, posters and postcards along with digital and social media templates to customize, download, print and share — all on your own.

You can find a template, make your own copy, customize it to your needs and then (once approved by an approver) download for print or digital use. The templates are super easy to use and have our branding ready to go. The templates were tested with a pilot group of users and include their suggestions. We believe you’ll benefit from their experience and suggestions.
The templates do not replace the high concept, personality-driven design, campaign and other work undertaken by marketing, they supplement with templates intended to serve quick, repeatable work, requiring simple image and/or copy updates.

Business cards and name badges are now ordered through the DigiCOPY website.

Quick Tips

My Projects

​When you choose to use a template, you will be asked to rename it, and then a copy gets placed in My Projects. This prevents any user for overwriting the templates.


Marq includes an integration for Bing and Unsplash stock images, and we have also stocked Marq with many of our favorite images from recent UW-Green Bay photo shoots, along with a collection of icons in both Phoenix green and white. These all live in Brand Images. (Make sure to adjust the dropdown as Marq will default to My Images.)


In order to output a template, it must first go to an approver for approval. Please send your template for approval to the marketing person assigned to your area or type of template. Once approved, you will receive an email from Marq, letting you know your document is ready for your to output.

Helpful Tips

Each template includes notes on how to maximize the template along with how-to’s, e.g. how to find more images, how to print, etc.


Flyers, Posters & Other Printing

If Printing Less Than 500

After your document is approved, upload a PDF to They will need to know:

Paper Choice:
PO #:
Revenue Code:
Any Special Handling 
(like folding or trimming):

Delivery will be to Central Receiving. Please provide a contact name for Central Receiving to alert when delivered.

If Printing More than 500
You will need to contact our print manager, Tammy Papineau

Brand Template Tool Training Resources

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Who Has Access to the Brand Template Tool?

There limited number of licensed users across the University. To see who is a licensed user in your area, view the Brand Template Tool Licensed Users spreadsheet (xlsx). If you're still not sure who represents your area, email Tori at

Request a Template

If you have a recurring project or asset that you believe would be a valuable template for your area or the University at large, please submit your request to Marketing. All requests will be reviewed and approved or not approved as a template. If approved, the template design work will be timetabled 6-8 weeks out. If not approved, you will be notified as to our rationale why. Thank you.


If you have any questions about the University's brand template tool or the templates or have a suggestion for a new template, please reach out to either Tori Grant Welhouse or Donna Mleziva in Marketing and University Communications.

Tori Grant Welhouse, Marketing Manager

Donna Mleziva, Multimedia Designer