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The Office of Marketing and University Communication welcomes submissions of news and information to help keep the UW-Green Bay community informed. The success of our communications relies heavily on the participation and submission of stories, alerts, announcements, news and events by individuals like you. Please submit detailed information of your news to

News submission tips:

  • Provide a title for your submission.
  • Consider the consumers of information. What are the basics? (Who, what, when, where, why and perhaps, how to register.)
  • Include weblinks for more information, to register for an event, or an email for more information
  • Submit a photo or artwork to make the submission more appealing.
  • If a faculty or staff note, make sure the title is correct, and preferrable the academic unit or department is included
  • Finally, an FYI. Most submissions are posted in the Log. Secondarily, M/UC staff members decide if the submission has the potential for a news release or media tip, social media placement or feature possibility.