UW-Green Bay Office of Marketing & University Communication

Auxiliaries, Partnerships and Third-Party Use

Auxiliary units of UW-Green Bay, such as Green Bay Athletics, The Phoenix Bookstore and the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts, require their own identity for purposes of marketing and promotion. UW-Green Bay academic units, departments, offices and service providers, benefit from UW-Green Bay branding and therefore are not entitled to their own logo or graphic insignia. Graphic elements (such as a shoe when promoting a walk/run on campus, for instance) are permitted. However, promotional pieces (both written and online with external audiences) should utilize the official UW-Green Bay logo.

Requests for new logos will go through a justification and approval process that will be taken to Cabinet for final approval. Email Sue Bodilly, bodillys@uwgb.edu, for more information.



Green Bay Athletics
Weidner Center Logo
Environmental Management and Business Institute Logo