UW-Green Bay Office of Marketing & University Communication

Logo and Tagline Proliferation Policy

In general, avoid. Unless a case can be made for a differentiated approach, best practices in marketing and communication generally call for a coordinated visual image and consistent message among an institution’s various offices and services. Programs may choose to selectively target audiences through their programming, services and direct marketing, but such efforts are generally most effective under an institutional umbrella.

The organization’s brand is diluted each time a different logo or tagline appears and distracts people from the distinctive UW-Green Bay Primary Identity Marks.

The University’s constituents are accustomed to seeing the Institutional Marks and theme in the alumni magazine, in recruitment materials and advertising, in routine correspondence, and on the website. The official Marks have accumulated significant “brand equity.” See the Logo and Use page for guidelines when using the University logo.

Another consideration: In some cases, a customized logo or separate tagline can consume time and resources without adding corresponding or greater value to the larger enterprise. It’s easy to say, “We need a logo! A slogan!” But the new creative is likely to accomplish little if it isn’t preceded by the harder work of devising a solid business plan and developing a realistic basis for distinctiveness.