Business Cards

Brand Template Users

Create and order UW-Green Bay business cards using the University Brand Template Tool. Follow the steps outlined in the off-page notes in the template to order the business cards.

Not a Brand Template User?

Check with your supervisor for designated Brand Template Tool users in your area. Any UW-Green Bay employee may request a view-only account to collaborate with Brand Template users. 


Quantity 1 Side Printed 2 Sides Printed
500 $24 $29

Business Card Printing

Once your business card template has been approved by marketing, and you are ready to print, please email a PDF of the final design to with the following information:

  • Business card quantity (500/box, by name if ordering multiples)
  • Invoice contact name and email address

For Green Bay, Central Receiving will deliver to department inbox.


Contact Tammy directly at 920-465-2214 or with general inquiries. Contact Donna at with questions related to the Brand Template Tool.