Submitted Video Guidelines

There may be instances when it is impractical or impossible to send a videographer to capture video and audio for you. Below are pointers to help you to record the best possible footage that you can submit to the Marketing and University Communication team to get your message out. 

Audio is key:

If you have a microphone (for instance, an earbud with attached microphone), use it. If you don’t have a microphone, make sure you aren’t covering the built-in mic as you record.

Find a quiet place:

Having a reasonably quiet space will help the sound a lot.

Light your face:

Backlit video will make you into a silhouette. Try to find a nice, even light source, but preferably out of direct sunlight. North-facing windows are best!

Landscape over portrait:

Recording video in landscape orientation gives us the greatest flexibility to use the video in the most places.

Look into the camera:

It’s natural to look at yourself on your screen, but then you’re looking to the side of the camera. Use the screen to make sure you are visible, but then once you start recording look into the camera.

Steady does it:

If you have something against which you can lean your phone, do so. Otherwise, resting your arm or hand on/against a table, wall or (north) window frame will help you to hold steady. Many newer cameras help stabilize the image as well, so that may help.

Clean backdrop:

To the best of your ability, try to have a background that is reasonably free of distractions. This is less important than making sure your face is lit, but if your kids are watching cartoons on the TV that can be seen in the background, that’s probably not best practices.