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Your degree culminates in a leadership practicum and project.

Instead of a thesis, you’ll complete a hands-on leadership practicum and project designed to improve healthcare in your community with guidance from an accomplished healthcare leader/mentor and your MSN professors. Some of these leadership projects have been published and presented internationally!

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Nurse administrator talks with nurses in clinic
Martha Pettineo wearing a haz mat suit with a colleague

A Career

"My practicum site is with a large metropolitan public health agency. I am working on an emergency preparedness project and it actually segues very nicely into the work that I do right now. I am a manager of emergency medical services and also a manager of emergency preparedness. The master’s project adds value to my career."

Martha Pettineo '15
MSN Graduate

MSN Practicum Details

Practicum courses involve learning alongside a healthcare leader over the final three semesters. Develop your schedule (approximately one day per week at your practicum site) with your leader/mentor.

What are the practicum courses about?

For a preview of what your practicum courses will be like, here are some things you'll work on in a healthcare setting:

  • Best practices related to evidence-based quality and safety decisions at your practicum site
  • Benchmarking and statistical process control methods
  • Information systems
  • Financial reimbursement models
  • Development of professional communication skills
  • Transition to nursing leadership and management
How to determine the best practicum site?

It’s best to complete your practicum in an area that interests you because practicum placements can lead to future employment offers. You might also want to consider practicum sites in areas or health systems with which you are unfamiliar to stretch beyond your own expertise.

Another option is to complete your practicum at your current employer, outside of your current department or role. For example, a student working in a hospital on the orthopedic floor as a staff nurse can easily complete practicum with a nurse manager in the emergency room or primary care clinic in the same health system.

Advisor Nicole Micolichek

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