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MSN Course Schedule

The Course(s) Ahead

Select a schedule that fits your job and your lifestyle.

Your courses help you explore healthcare policy and its effect on your patients, learn how to create a healthy work environment and discover how to advance healthcare for vulnerable populations – but that’s just the start. At the end of the program, you’ll be prepared to excel in your field and make a difference beyond the walls of the classroom.

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MSN Course Schedule

Term Course Offerings
Fall- Odd Years (2023, 2025, etc.) Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice (3 cr)
Theories of Organizational Behavior and Nursing Leadership (3 cr)
Spring- Even Years (2022, 2024, etc.) Leadership in Complex Systems (3 cr)
Health Economics and Policy (3 cr)
Summer- Even Years (2022, 2024, etc.) Human Resource Management (3 cr)
Program Planning for Population Health (2 cr)
Fall- Even Years (2022, 2024, etc.) Financial Management for Nurses (3 cr)
Practicum I: Leadership and Management Practices – Quality and Safety (2 cr)
MSN Leadership Project (1 cr)
Spring- Odd Years (2023, 2025, etc.) Informatics for Nursing Leaders (3 cr)
Practicum II: Leadership and Management Practices - Change, Culture, and Communication (2 cr)
MSN Leadership Project (1 cr)
Summer- Odd Years (2023, 2025, etc.) Environmental Sustainability for Nurse Leaders (2 cr)
Practicum III: Transition to Leadership and Management Roles (2 cr)
MSN Leadership Project (1 cr)
Advisor Nicole Micolichek

Ask An Advisor

If you have any questions about your course schedule and how to adapt it to your life, ask our program advisor, Nicole Micolichek.

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