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Degree Requirements

The program involves an intensive curriculum of 121 degree credits including numerous science courses and clinical courses at healthcare facilities. The program is completed in four years including three J-Terms (January Interims) and one summer. Students must follow a prescribed course schedule and maintain satisfactory grades to continue in the program.

Courses during the first year of the program will be completed at UW-Green Bay and will be designed to meet overall university and nursing program general education requirements. Years 2 and 3 of the program will include courses taken at NWTC and will complete the requirements for the Associate Degree in Nursing. Students will be eligible after completion of Year 3 to take the NCLEX State Board of Nursing test to be licensed as Registered Nurses. The last year courses will be taken from UW-Green Bay to meet the BSN course requirements and complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.

The overall credit load is designed as follows:

Year 1 : UW-Green Bay General Education Requirements
Year 1 TermsCredits
Fall 112 Credits
J-Term 13 Credits
Spring 117 Credits
Year 2: NWTC Associate Degree Nursing Courses
Year 2 TermsCredits
Fall 213 Credits
J-Term 23 Credits
Spring 214 Credits
Year 3: NWTC Associate Degree Nursing Courses
Year 3 TermsCredits
Fall 313 Credits
J-Term 33 Credits
Spring 312 Credits
Year 4: UW-Green Bay Upper Level Nursing Courses
Year 4 TermsCredits
Summer 36 Credits
Fall 412 Credits
Spring 412 Credits