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Program Courses

Curriculum for the Master of Science Track will consist of 38 credits and 12 total courses.

For a full list of courses, please visit our Degree Requirements page. 

Curriculum Guide: Master’s track:
Semester Courses: Credits
Yr 1
Fall semester
Nut Sci 750 Micronutrient Metabolism across the Lifespan                            3
Nut Sci 421/621 Community and Public Health Nutrition 4
Nut Sci 485/685 Medical Nutrition Therapy I: An Integrative and Functional Approach 3
Yr 1
Spring semester
Nut Sci 427/627 Nutrigenomics and Advanced Nutrient Metabolism 3
Hum Bio 753 Biostatistics & Research Methods 4
Nut Sci 486/686 Medical Nutrition Therapy II - An Integrative and Functional Approach 3
Yr 2
Fall semester
Nut Sci 785 Advanced Nutrition Assessment and Counseling 3
Nut Sci 712 Culinary Medicine 3
Nut Sci 754 Nutritional Epidemiology 3
Yr 2
Spring semester
Nut Sci 799 Capstone Project/Thesis 3
Nut Sci 796 Special Topics in Nutrition 3
Elective 3
  Total Credits for Master’s track 38