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Sexual Assault Information


24-hour Sexual Assault Center Hotlines:
Family Services
300 Crooks St
Green Bay, WI

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Ways To Reduce The Risk of Sexual Assault:

  • Communicate clearly with others about what you want and what you don't want.
  • Set your sexual limits and intentions. determine what kind of intimacy, particularly touching, is okay with you.
  • Make A Safety P.L.A.N., when you go where there is alcohol, you go where there is risk.
    • Partner with someone who will go with you or will know where you are going and when you will be back.
    • Limit your alcohol usage to an amount that allows you to make good decisions.
    • Avoid vulnerable situations, such as conflict, isolation from others, or dependence on strangers.
    • Never place your physical safety in the hands of someone who is drunk (including yourself.)
  • Be Aware of your surroundings. Listen to and trust your feelings. If a situation doesn't feel quite "right" LEAVE!!!
  • Think "Safety." Don't jog alone or hitchhike. Keep your place safe by locking ALL doors and windows.
  • Practice self-defense and be assertive.
  • Take care of yourself, Don't Assume Others Will.
  • Don't Assume "It can't happen to me!" 

For the Survivor

  • Get to a place that is safe physically and emotionally.
  • Get support. Call a friend or the Sexual Assault Center 436-8899.
  • Report it as soon as you can, time is critical especially in cases of drug or alcohol facilitated assaults.
  • Report it to Public Safety even if you don't want to prosecute now, you may want to later.
    • Wisconsin law allows for medical treatment at Hospitals Without notification to law enforcement if the survivor request.
  • Get Medical Treatment to address any health concerns.
    • Even if you do not report it to law enforcement, see a medical professional to assess injury, pregnancy and test for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV
    • Contact University Health and Counseling and utilize their services.