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Booth & Space Reservations

All student organizations and University academic or administrative departments must make a reservation to use concourse space. Any outside group needs to be sponsored by a student org (these are mainly vendors).

Spaces are reserved through University Reservations at or 920-465-2462.

1. A booth is defined as a table, along with a chalk / bulletin board behind it. Booths must have a person from the sponsoring student organization, academic or administrative unit sitting at it, or material for students and/or staff to look at or take on the table (i.e. brochures or pamphlets). Sponsoring organizations must be a registered student organization or recognized university academic or administrative department.

  • The use of a booth space must be in compliance with the University Posting Policy. 
  • A booth space may be reserved for up to eight (8) days. 
  • Chalk / bulletin boards are only available with the reservation and use of a booth in the approved areas. 
  • A sponsoring student organization, academic or administrative unit may reserve up to two sites at any given time. Any other organization may reserve the remaining sites. Except during the three (3) weeks prior to student elections when only one site can be reserved.

2. Public Safety reserves the right to move or have booths removed for violating any University policies or UWS rules.

3. A sponsoring student organization, academic or administrative unit may be granted exceptions to this policy by submitting a written petition to the Office of Public Safety at least one (1) week prior to the reservation date (s). Requests for exceptions will be evaluated based on:

  • Whether the information presented on booth materials is pertinent to all students or the university;
  • Size of booth material;
  • Available space;
  • Lack of advertising alternatives.

4. Approved areas include:

  • Student Services: Admissions alcove- corner across from Admissions/Financial Aid.
  • Student Services: Registrar’s alcove – corner across from the Registrar’s Office entering Theatre Hall.
  • Wood Hall – area right before the elevator.
  • Cofrin Library: Library alcove – this area will hold up to 4 tables (setups such as 1 group with 4 tables, 2 groups with 2 tables each, 4 groups with 1 table each, etc.).
  • Cofrin Library: Plaza.
  • Mary Ann Cofrin Hall – 2nd floor across from the Arboretum Office, next to railing.
  • Laboratory Sciences – area between Laboratory Science and Environmental Sciences by Cafeteria.
  • Studio Arts – cafeteria near the doors by the vending machines.

5. Bake sales are permitted. No other prepared foods, and no beverages may be sold. Nothing may be plugged in such as coffee pots, crock pots, etc.

  • Chargebacks for large setups:
  • The Library Plaza is the only area that can accommodate larger setups such as the annual SGA poster sale, org smorg, etc.
  • The charge backs are for any setups with more than 4 tables. Operations charges per hour, per person for setup. Some organizations prefer to pick up, set up, and return tables themselves, which reduces the cost to $2 per table.

7. Off-campus vendor sales:

  • Vendor sales must be approved by Student Life. The vendor contract must be completed and signed before reserving a concourse space.

8. Examples of reservations by departments:

  • Student Employment (Mary Baranek will book off campus employers). 
  • Health Services (may use entire alcove for special promos).
  • Career Counseling and Placement (book military service recruiters).
  • Bookstore – Josten’s. 
  • Bulletin Boards – 6 Academic, 4 Student Orgs – Public Safety.

Decisions on use of facility are made in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code Rules of the board of Regents Chapter UWS 21.