Click on the links below to download a form as part of an assessment of records in your area.

Form Use Description
Inventory Management Worksheet
Assess your records that are ready for disposition.  This form will reflect the records that will need to be transferred to the Archives or destroyed.  Destruction entries on this form can be copied over to the Confidential Disposal Request form.
Transfer Records to Archives Upon assessment using the Inventory Management Worksheet, records requiring transfer to the Archives will need to be noted on this form before submitting to Archives.
Confidential Records Disposal Request During the tri-annual confidential destruction process at UWGB, use this form to report the records that can be confidentially destroyed.  It requires signature by the Department Head and review by the Records Officer (or designee).  Upon review, staff are authorized to take their records to the Mail Room on the designated destruction date.    Note:  if unsure if records can be destroyed, start with the Inventory Management Worksheet to conduct an assessment of records first.
Records Retention and Disposition Authorization (RDA) This form is only used by the Records Officer to create a new records schedule.