Record Management Training

Training in records management  is critical for all employees to understand the importance of reviewing records and disposing of them in the proper manner - and - the proper timeframe.   You may have inherited a record schedule that has been in the department for some time.  It's always best to take this refresher course and utilize the correct Record Schedules with the approved retention periods.

All users should refer to the Record Management Handbook.

Unit/Department Training

If you are interested in specific training relating to your department and understanding the Records Schedules that apply to your records, contact the Records Officer.   We'd love to help you locate your specific Record Schedules and help reduce the file storage in your office!

New to Records Management:  the Records Management Training course contains the nuts and bolts of records management.
Employee Refresher:  the Records Management Refresher course is a quick refresher on when and how to dispose of records.

Additional Resources

The UW System Public Records & Records Management Training is also available. This self-guided tutorial video takes less than 15 minutes.  The content covers the basics of why we must remain in compliance with records management set forth by the State of Wisconsin Public Records Board.

For additional reference see the UW System Records Management Resources page.