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Record Management Training

Training in records management is critical for all employees to understand the importance of reviewing records and disposing of them in the proper manner - and - the proper timeframe. You may have inherited al list within your department that reflects how long to keep a record. As we know from Recordkeeping 101, those department lists are not accurate. All employees should utilize the Record Schedules list, and further, look to the Record Management Handbook for your "how to" of records management.

Unit/Department Training

All employees are required to receive training on public records, which Records Management has captured for you in a training module. Records Management provides this training to all new employees within the first quarter of employment. Understanding how to keep and maintain public records is vital to be in compliance with Wis. Stat. Sec. 16.61 and Wi. Executive Order #189. All employees can view this training using the link below.

UWGB Records Management Training

Additional Resources

The Universities of Wisconsin Public Records & Records Management Training is also available. This self-guided tutorial video takes less than 15 minutes. The content covers the basics of why we must remain in compliance with records management set forth by the State of Wisconsin Public Records Board.

For additional reference see the Universities of Wisconsin Records Management Resources page.