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Locating Record Schedules

From Recordkeeping 101 we know that as part of completing an assessment of records using the Inventory Management Worksheet, the process also requires you to verify the records retention classification using a Record Schedule.

This section shares where to find Record Schedules using the Record Schedules List.

UW-Green Bay has a few Record Schedules that apply to specific records at UWGB, such as Weidner Valet Parking Tickets.  All other records we use are part of Universities of Wisconsin record schedules. Both sets of schedules are listed in the Record Schedules Listthat is easily searchable and should be used to locate your document and how long it needs to be retained.  Below are categories of available record schedules.

Academic Advising
Administrative Records
Budget and Related Records
Disposable Records
Financial Aid
Fiscal and Accounting
Grant and Related Records
Health Services
Housing & Dining
Human Resources
Information Technology
Legal Affairs
Library, Archives & Museums
Parking & Transportation
Payroll & Benefits
Police and Safety
Research Records
Risk Management and Related Records including Workers Compensation
Student Records
RDA's Specific to UWGB

Disposable Records

Disposable records do not require to be retained. Records in this category include:

  • Duplicate copies of materials where the original record is in the custody of the same state agency and where copies are maintained only for convenience or reference and for no other substantive purpose.
  • Drafts, notes, preliminary computations and like materials prepared for the originator's personal use or prepared by the originator in the name of a person for whom the originator is working.
  • Routing slips and envelopes.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you have a business record and cannot locate a records schedule that describes it, contact the UW-Green Bay Records Officer.  Your record may require the creation of a new schedule.  The Records Officer will coordinate with you in filling out a Records Retention and Disposition Authorization (RDA) form and obtain the required approval signatures before submitting to the State Public Records Board for approval.

Record schedules are valid for 10 years.  State agencies are statutorily required to provide records schedules for ALL records not already covered by an existing records schedule. By law, RDAs have to be submitted one year after each records series has been received or created. After 10 years, the RDA sunsets, and a new one must be resubmitted for Public Records Board approval. The records schedule is the key document for establishing a records management program for your department. In Wisconsin State government, the records scheduling process is accomplished by completing an RDA and submitting it to the Public Records Board (PRB) for approval.