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Funding Opportunities

Research Enhancement Program 

Funds for Research Enhancement Program: Presentations track must be used in support of the presentation of faculty research, scholarly and creative activity. Funds for Research Enhancement Program: Projects track must be used in support of a new or ongoing project of faculty research. The number of applications received and the amount of funding available for distribution in each grant cycle will determine the number of awards that can be made.

Research Scholar

The program is open to all full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members at UW-Green Bay. The Scholar will be expected to work on a specific research project and generate a tangible product during the semester of work (e.g., a grant proposal, draft of a manuscript, book proposal, or preparation of creative works for exhibition/performance/publication). Time may be used to develop a new project (e.g., a grant proposal), to complete an existing project (e.g., the final chapters of a book), or to complete a distinct stage of a larger ongoing project.

WiSys Spark Grant

The WiSys Spark Grant program has been designed to help faculty advance their knowledge and technology to commercialization. The grants are intended to support research projects where preliminary findings exist, and is designed to demonstrate the commercial potential of a new concept, technology or invention and to highlight the need for and type of additional development support that would be required to take the technology closer to the market place. Preference will be given to projects where applicants have demonstrated some progress beyond initial discovery, idea or concept.