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WiSys Ignite Grant

The WiSys Ignite Grant is for researchers developing prototypes. this funding is offered as a short-term award and is available to researches at UW-Green Bay. The goal of funding these prototypes is to develop advanced human potential as well as the knowledge economy that employs this potential. The purpose of the Ignite funding for applied research is to encourage faculty and academic staff to apply their expertise and scholarship to the economic development of Wisconsin and further afield. Applied research activities strengthen the connection between knowledge and practice while promoting positive change in the state’s economy. This program aims to promote technology transfers and economic development thorugh wisconsin and aims to provide for a broader impact beyond our state.

Faculty and academic staff employed at least half time at UW institutions are eligible to apply. Principal Investigators may request a maximum of $50,000 of funding per project proposal for a period of fourteen (14) months.The amount of the award will be based on the merits of the project, and will be contingent on the availability of funds. This program is sponsored by Universities of Wisconsin Administration, administered by Wisys in collaboration with the UW system.

To read more about the application process and funding please see below:

WiSys Ignite Grant

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