About the Program

What You Need to Know About the Program

When you apply to the M.S. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, you will learn how to help athletes and other performers like musicians, actors, and business professionals enhance their performances by harnessing the power of psychological skills. 

The M.S. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology (SEPP) Program at UW-Green Bay is designed to fulfill the needs of students who would like to either have a master's degree as their final degree or pursue a doctoral degree in the future.

Here are the main features of the program:

It has two tracks:
  1. Thesis: Prepares students to apply advanced research methods and data analysis and culminates on a master's thesis.
  2. Applied: Prepares students to work within an applied SEPP domain and to become Certified Mental Performance Consultants® (CMPC).
The learning outcomes are in line with the knowledge areas and tasks identified by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) as central for competent work in SEPP.​​

psychology student

The program is housed in the Psychology Department, which has a diverse group of faculty specialized in various areas, such as counseling psychology, neuroscience, school psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, health psychology, etc. Students may, for example, work with the faculty for research in one of these areas, if it relates to their specific interest in SEPP.


The Psychology department has a several labs with EEG, eye tracker, biofeedback, and implicit bias testing software, to name a few. 

Two SEPP faculty members are CMPCs who can supervise students for CMPC hours.

The program has multiple partners in the community, including the Green Bay Packers.


hair of the M.S. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program at UW-Green Bay.

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