What is Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is any tool that helps students with disabilities do things more quickly, easily or independently. It can be elaborate and expensive or simple and low-cost. This site is dedicated to researching and organizing free or low-cost assistive technologies that are applicable to college students.

Why research this site?

It is proven that students with disabilities that enter college having and knowing how to use needed technology feel much more confident about their transition. Students can "hit the ground running" having thought through potential issues prior to the first day of classes. By researching this site, our hope is that you can find what you need to meet your individualized learning needs for free or at a low cost. If you have difficulty reading or writing, have a visual or hearing impairment, or struggle with using pencil/paper, then this is a great place to find those applications that can help you make a successful transition to being a college student. We will be updating this site as applicable low-cost technologies emerge.

Staff from Student Accessibility Services are available to walk you through the technology maze or to answer questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at sas@uwgb.edu. We would love to get feedback and suggestions for the site as well!