Instructor Portal Instructions

Instructor Dashboard in GB ACCESS

All instructors that receive emails with accommodation information may access their GB ACCESS Faculty portal by clicking on “Faculty Portal” below.  

Step-by-step guides

  1. ACCESS-Manual-for-Faculty_Instructors
  2. Login with your UWGB credentials, including
  3. Use the dashboard to view individual student accommodation requests.
  4. Use the navigation menu on the left to view the status of accommodation requests in particular areas.
Authentication Page – with important FERPA reminders
This page provides a reminder for all instructors to acknowledge the need to safeguard student information.
Instructor Authentication Page FERPA statement 
Viewing Student Accommodations
This view lists the students who are enrolled in courses being taught by a particular instructor and indicates which accommodation types are active for each.
Note that if the Instructor Dashboard is accessed from outside the UWGB network, last names will not be shown.
Click “View” to review the Alternative Testing Contract By Instructor
 Students with accommodation list
To access the full notification letter use the “view” link. Note that once viewed, the status will show as “read” and this status is also visible to students.
There are also Advanced Search Panel options for other Accommodation Requests (where results can be sorted by course information, student name, or date of request) and Student Eligibility.
Viewing Testing Detail
The testing view provides access to the test contracts and gives faculty a way to not only view, but also edit or update contracts as well as upload exams.
In addition, the testing view also provides faculty with a view of the upcoming exam appointments with Student Accessibility Services. 
                                                                     Instructor dashboard left menu
Instructor direction Specifying testing contract
The Instructor Testing Contract details how the instructor wants their exam administered. Student Accessibility Services does not need this information if the instructor is providing testing accommodations themselves and arranging for the proctoring of exams, if exams are online, or if there are no classroom exams (please choose “I will proctor my own exams”). Only one contract is necessary for each course Student Accessibility Services is to proctor. Contact to copy your contract to other students in the class.