Notetaking Accommodations

Assistive Technology for Notes

Online Assistive Technology 
Student Accessibility Services uses a notetaking web and mobile-app, called GLEAN, that combines your class notes with PowerPoint slides and lecture recordings, it is a visual and interactive form of notetaking.  With dedicated tools for online learning, students can independently take notes and record lectures, wherever you are. These websites are ideal assistive technology programs developed to assist students that struggle with notetaking.  The benefits of online assistive technology is it easy to learn, and you no longer have to rely on others for your notes.

GLEAN Resource Videos:
Glean Promo Video
Get Started With Glean

Smartpens for Notetaking
Students can use a smartpen to take handwritten notes and simultaneously record the lecture, linking the audio recording to their notes.  Students replay audio from their smartpen specific notebook by tapping the pen to their handwritten notes.  This allows students to fill in information they may have been unable to write down during class.  Student Accessibility Services loans a smartpen and provides supplies (notebooks and ink) to students who are eligible for a smartpen as an accommodation.

**There is a limited inventory, please contact Student Accessibility Services if you are interested.  

Peer note taking (copies of notes from other students in the class) is available for eligible students. Notes are downloaded and received through GB ACCESS so the notetaker will never know who they are taking notes for.


  1. Request the accommodation in GB ACCESS
  2. After you have attended the 1st class, you will need to Confirm Your Notetaking Request(s) before a notetaker will be assigned.
    • Log into GB ACCESS, click on Notetaking Services, under My Accommodations on the left side of screen.
    • To confirm the need for a notetaker, click on the Confirm Now link.
  3. You will receive an email from GB ACCESS once a notetaker has been assigned and when notes are available.
  4. We will notify you and the instructor if assistance is needed to recruit a notetaker for a class.


  1. Log into GB ACCESS.
  2. Click on Notetaking Services, under My Accommodations on the left side of screen.
  3. Look for the class in the list, and click Available Note(s) for Download (click to expand).  The list will expand to show the notes that are available for download.