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Making It

Your goals are your road map.

Your disabilities don't define you, and they don't limit your potential for success. With the right accommodations, you can overcome the challenges you face and achieve your academic goals. We're here to support you.

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Student walking through the UW-Green Bay quad on a fall day

Academic Accommodations

Use your resources to take control of your education and empower yourself to succeed.

Student using a tabet and stylus to make notes in a digital textbook

Alternative Formats

Print materials can be provided in alternative formats for students with the need to remove a reading barrier. One of the most common formats is electronic books.

Alternative Formats  

UWGB Student Accessibility Services Testing Center

Alternative Testing

You may qualify for various testing options, like extended time for testing, testing in a distraction-reduced space or use of adaptive software or text enlargement.

About Alternative Testing

Sign language interpereter

Sign Language & Captions

We can coordinate qualified sign language interpreters to interpret for classes and academically related events. We also help provision students with captioned media.

Hearing Accommodations

Need Notetaking Know-how?

You're in college. Taking notes is necessary. Need help? There's an app, and web tool, for that!

Notetaking Assistance  

Kim Mezger

Want to Know More?

Kim Mezger and the Student Accessibility Services team strive to help students with disabilities reach their full potential by providing academic accommodations and support services.

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