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College Scheduler Guide

Scheduling Made Easy

Just click your way to an organized day.

College Scheduler is the most efficient way for you to optimize your semester’s schedule and maximize credit hours. College Scheduler generates a variety of daily schedules to fit your needs based on criteria you input, such as campus location, desired courses, and work breaks.

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See how College Scheduler works

Save Time

You pick the classes, College Scheduler shows you all your schedule options.


Add classes and breaks and instantly generate all possible schedules to find your perfect schedule.


Customize your breaks to schedule around obligations such as work, sports, or family. Or when you need you time.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log in to SIS and click the College Scheduler link.
  2. Select the term you are scheduling for.
  3. Select the campus(es) of where you want to take your classes.
  4. Select the modality of the classes you want to take.
  5. Add any times you want breaks between classes.
  6. Add the courses you wish to take for the term.
  7. Click to Generate Schedules to see the schedule options that best fit you.
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Need help?

Confused by too many options? Need help with class scheduling? We are here to help!

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